Deputy CM of Penang in Malaysia insists Tamils still suffering

ramasamy_sri-lanka_6001The Deputy Chief Minister of Penang in Malaysia P Ramasamy insists Tamils in Sri Lanka are still suffering despite the end of the war.

He said that while peace dividends might have brought benefits to political elites, foreign investors and tourists the Tamils are still suffering.

Free Malaysia Today quoted Ramasamy as saying if not for the harsh and brutal policies of the Sri Lankan Government, the LTTE would not have arisen in the first place.

“Wanton killings of Tamils, ethnic massacres, and discrimination against Tamils in education as well as employment contributed to the rise of the liberation movement. One can hardly talk about the dividends of peace, when major human rights issues concerning the Tamils in the north and east have not been settled yet,” he said.

He also said that the call by international human rights agencies for the Sri Lanka Government to undertake reconciliation measures by accounting for the hundreds of thousands of Tamils who have gone missing, the more than one hundred thousand, mostly innocent women, children and the elderly who were killed during the height of the civil war as well as the rapes and torture inflicted on Tamil women, have not been addressed.

Ramasamy said the new Government of Maithripala Sirisena has failed to punish those responsible for war crimes.

He also said that despite calls by international human rights agencies including the United Nations, countries like India and the United States have shown no interest in addressing the human rights violations in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Tamil ethnics community in Malaysia has to know that ground reality of our history of 2600 of civilization base on majority Sinhalese by Buddhist teaching.
    The political classes Tamils – by politics of LTTE being ruthless outfit in
    Sri lanka had been destroy entire democratic structure by engaging war of Terrorism 30 years ,which against our democratic State and its Parliamentary norms.

    Tamil political class rule by politics of Gun, that during 30 years WAR of Terrorism, they insist to be replace ballot by bullet , while dismantle democratic foundation and its structure of establishment for gain the so-called Tamil Eealm puppet regime in 33% of Island land and 50% Ocean .

    These politicians of Tamil by TNA and LTTE has to realized and could know that Sri Lankan is the one of few country in developing nations, who Practice democracy changes by ruling parties by ballots not by bullet after end of Second world War. This is key to approach that door to democratic rule by sovereignty of people, irrespective of their ethnic roots.

    Tamil political class want replace Gun Rule politics for achieve their so-called separatists state by partition of Island for Tamil nation. That is quite impossible for partition Island ,which our nation was survived 2600 as unitary country, which even under most ruthless Western colonialism- Rule by Western hegemony.

    We having duty and responsibility of look after all nationalities that including Tamil in North and Tamils working in UP country plantation . They enjoy right of living ,working and Free education, as well as Free health services shared by majority community of all Sri Lankans on the equal terms as others enjoy by Republic constitution as well.

    The so-called ‘discrimination of Tamils’ by State in concord and fabricated story by Tamil politics classes and FP, TULF, TNA and LTTE ,who has been migrated from Malaya before Independent of Ceylon 1948.
    There has been never Tamil state exist an Island 2600 in ours history.

    The modern system that Tamils are very important position in govt. private sector, business, trading, investments education, health and etcs .

    There is NO perfect society in Globe without anomalies .Unevenness and inequality, exist in Sri Lanka too, but by and large nexus of moribund capitalism accommodated and having produce the have and have-nots is not that new phenomena, it is unique features of US led Imperialism -capitalism through out the world.

    Indeed Sri lanka too that belongs to the orbit of old world order, we are not yet that FREE from all exploitation and emancipation of humankind .
    Address Tamil issues are important, and essential but it will take long process by nature of development of sustsnibility capitalism.

    Ours is developing of Capitalism country by Neo-liberal pattern, it has inherited such exploitations man by man is long years of colonial rule and its Governances by their “rule of Law”.


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