Wigneswaran expects Jayalalithaa to do good for Northern Tamils

Wigneswaran 2Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran expects re-elected Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram to do good for the Northern Tamils.

In a message congratulating Jayalalithaa on her victory at the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls held this week, Wigneswaran said that the Northern Tamils are joyous over her re-election as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

He said her re-election shows the faith the Tamil Nadu people have in her.

During her election campaign, Jayalalithaa vowed to retrieve Katchatheevu island ceded to Sri Lanka and restore the traditional fishing rights of Tamil Nadu fishermen in Palk Bay.

Jayalalithaa also assured dual citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils living for years in Tamil Nadu. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I urge the Northern Province Chief Minister to get on with his job, and stop his useless politics. As a Chief Minister how many projects has he completed for the Northern Province so far? In fact, he is wasting his time in useless politics, and the funds have been returned to the central government. This is what happen when you appoint a person as Chief Minister who never heard a word call ‘Project Management’

  2. Jayalalitha is Indian and will do good for India and Indians. The only thing she has uttered is Indian Citizenship for SL Tamil refugees. That will weaken North, because there will be no Tamils lo live in Sri Lanka. Most of the problems of Northern Tamils are naturally getting resolved. More than one half has lost our Citizenship being Diaspora. There is another lot waiting to Migrate legally or illegally . Who will remain in North in another 15 years.

  3. CM Wigneswaran lacks knowledge in politics. CM, Tamil Nadu can only improve the cultural
    ties with the people of Sri Lanka and nothing beyond that as she cannot enter into political
    discussions with the Sri Lankan Govt. without permission from the Federal govt. run by Mr
    Modi, who is the Prime Minister. It is better for CM Wigneswaran to keep Mr. Modi happy so
    that he speaks for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
    CM Jaya wants to grab “Katchadeevu’ islet and poach into territorial waters of Sri Lanka to
    rob fish that belongs to the Tamils of North Sri Lanka , thus kill the livelihood of the fisher
    community in North Sri Lanka. The same community was not allowed to venture out into the
    sea in the nights by the previous govt. for decade or so , under the pretext of security and now bottom trawlers are used to sweep all fish in Northern waters by the Indian poachers who enter the waters illegally . Thanks to Sri Lankan navy, at least some fish is left for the Northern fisher folks, now . Is the CM, NPC prepared for the extinction of the Northern Province Fisher community. ? He should be at the forefront, fighting for this dying community.


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