US Congressman tells Lanka to take concrete steps to address Tamil concerns

Congressman Danny K DavisSri Lanka’s ethnic and religious minorities including Tamils still feel marginalised, seven years after the end of the civil war with the LTTE, a senior American lawmaker has said as he appealed to the Lankan government to take “concrete” steps to address their concerns.

“The leaders of the new government have made many ambitious promises to advance toward the goal of a stable and prosperous future for all. Now is the time to turn those promises into concrete action,” Congressman Danny K Davis said on the House floor, the Press Trust of India reported.

“The US, must assist and support in any way we can, but we must also keep incentives in place such as conditions on military and other aid until the government has accomplished real reform,” said the Democratic Party lawmaker from Illinois.

Speaking on the House Floor to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the end of the war in Sri Lanka, he said the Sri Lankan government won the war to keep the Sinhalese and Tamil communities within one country, but has not yet won the peace.

The Sri Lankan government has made commitments on transitional justice and accountability, a political settlement of the ethnic problem, security sector reform, the return of land, the release of Tamil political prisoners, actions to end human rights violations and other ambitious reforms, Mr. Davis said.

“Unfortunately, not enough improvement has yet been seen by the Tamils, Christians and Muslims who feel marginalised and discriminated against,” the Congressman said.

“Courageous leadership is needed to gain trust if reconciliation is the goal, not just promises.

“Now is the time for real action,” Davis said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. how much did those lette sympathizers donate to him? Democrats always using the minories to gather votes. Thank goodness a Republican is going to be a president

  2. There is only one country in the world promotes terrorism for promoting their weapons business. Who is responsible for eradicating muslim countries in the Middle East? Any country who takes steps to end terrorism will have to “face the music” for doing it.

  3. We democratic of Sri Lankan having right to rejects a Separatism or Eealm of Tamil politics by LTTE Tamil gun -rule, or Gun-base Terrorism of those of who had been undermined democratic task that slogan could realised only another course for a civil war in Island. In fact US congressmen on this is Tamil issues an obvious absurdity, an obvious renunciation of the whole Struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity of entire nation -Sri Lankan.
    We are not in position to compromised Tamil Eealm or Federal state that will destroy Unitary character of Island-State.

    To take state power by democratic political system after end of war 30 years by that Tamil’s LTTE ruthless Terrorist, in this time start undermined peacefully situation under the present these circumstances “Federal State” is been absolutely impossible.

    The every one knows that Tamil ruthless Terrorism that after 2015 January 9th has been reveals Tamil -TNA terrorism getting grounds an inevitable rather than an accidental transformation in North by TNA and CM of North Council leaders to another civil war by Tamil Terrorist and their classes.
    Please see the just course of events of last 19 months that the Tamil anti-democratic of counter-revolutionary petty bourgeoisie of Tamil chauvinist political class having start new form of Civil War against Democratic structure.
    Since end of war 2009 last six years country could have been done very peacefully manner, that democratic rights enjoy by people without civil war by non interference of TNA and its political classes.
    Because there had been no systematic acts of violence against democratic masses since 2009 May.
    The whole range of TNA and CM of North Council members Tamil Eealm political ideas of Tamil petty bourgeoisie ,is to confound US anti-democratic and counter -revolution of separatism will be installed by US hegemony of Indian Ocean that New puppet regime state in North part of Sri lanka.

    It is due narrow mindedness or particular stupidity US congress men who want break our Island by partition of Ethnic basis of counter-revolution form the neo-colonial political ideological dependence of US monopoly bourgeoisie.

    Any one who has learn past 30 war by Tamil terrorist from history or from democratic politics will have to admit that a political analysis must focus the key Issues is Tamil Separatism ; what class in locally and internationally represents that want dismantle democratic politics and what class of Tamil are the counter-revolution to Parliamentary democracy -Sri lanka?
    Which party of working anti-sovereignty of the People ? Is that TNA and CM of North Council members?

  4. Congressman Danny K Davis, Tamils never faced discrimination in Sri Lanka as African Americans in the US nor fought a decent fight as African Americans.


    Sri Lankan Tamils’ problem was sorted long time ago, but the Tamil leaders weren’t smart enough to accept it. Tamil leaders always end up in wrong side, and look for ways to create disasters not solutions. When G G Ponnambalam was the leader Sinhalese generously agreed for 40:60 solution even though Tamils’ population wasn’t 40% at that time. But Tamil leaders rejected it. Later on decided to take arms from New Delhi to kill their fellow countrymen. Then the second opportunity came through Indo-Lanka agreement. Again Tamil leaders rejected the good offer, but decided to listen to the West, and turned their guns towards their fellow Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and Indians.

    If Tamil leaders have little brain, little love for their motherland and people they would have found a solution long time ago. Tamil leaders are the least when it comes to honoring smart people. Tamils don’t know the value of unity, the foreign powers can do wonders among Tamils because of their divisions. Jealousy is eating Tamils. Tamils would do anything to undermine their fellow Tamils, even if they have to join with foreign powers. I have been living in Jaffna since last August. I have been to many public events. Indian High Commission and the Westerners are the VIPs for those events, but not smart Tamils or Sinhalese. Therefore, sharing power with Tamils is sharing power with foreign powers; this will lead to disaster. Literally the government has to be on its knees to please the foreign powers; if it shares power with Tamil leaders.


    Tamil leaders talk a lot about democracy and human rights, but they hardly value democracy or human rights. Where were those Tamil leaders, including the diaspora leaders, the Western leaders, especially the UN leaders when the Tamil armed groups were mercilessly gunned down each other group members; and assassinating political leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist groups in the world? Tamil leaders do not act as they live among the 21st century humanity. Last forty years Tamils have avoided smart Tamils and gone backward. Generally speaking, Tamils can’t handle smart Tamils. This is why they have ended up in this sad status even though Tamils are five times in population in the world than Sinhalese. I have found that changing Tamil leaders’ useless ideology is like straightening a dog’s tail.

    Sri Lankan Tamils are the most dangerous creatures in Asia. They are the least when it comes to valuing democracy, human rights or unity. Tamil leaders just blindly support foreign powers for their own benefits. They do dirty politics for their own perks and benefits. That is why Tamils have nothing after thirty years of brutal war. Therefore, I have urged the Sinhalese leaders and the other Asian leaders to watch diaspora and Sri Lankan Tamil leaders’ moves carefully; because, Tamil leaders have the ability to destroy Sri Lanka and South Asia, as they have done for the last three decades. The West has an intention to use Sri Lankan Tamils to dominate Indian Ocean and South Asia; as it has been using the Jews to dominate the Middle East.


    Tamil leaders are for foreign leaders, but not for their own intellectuals. Tamils for Obama and the other Tamil leaders have done nothing when I had alerted that they are in the wrong path. My articles and comments never published in the diaspora’s media or in the mainstream Tamil media. Tamil leaders have done nothing to me when I suffered for exposing the hardships of Australian and Canadian Aboriginal people. Nobody raised their voices when the Australian government deleted my citizenship due to my writings about the struggles of Australian aboriginal people. They never said a word when the Canadian government put me in a prison under false accusation when I exposed the First Nations’ hardships. Not a single leader felt sorry for me when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka due to my writings.

    Germany was bombed and destroyed by the Five Eyes twice; but Germany stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral because I exposed the Five Eyes’ double standards. This is call evolution, even Nazis know the power of unity. They know that they have to stick together to undermine the billions of Asians. However, Sri Lankan Tamils don’t understand the value of unity even after their long suffering for more than three decades due to the Asia’s longest brutal civil war. This is really sad news, not only for Tamils, but for Sinhalese and South Asians. Therefore, I believe that Tamils need to be educated the value of unity from primary school children to political leaders before thinking about devolution of power. If the government shares power now, it will be like giving bunch of flowers to monkeys.



    Do you see evolution in Tamils who conducted the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for more than three decades? Do you see evolution in Tamils who assassinated far more leaders and intellectuals than any other terrorist organization in the world? The answer is no; therefore, forget about devolution of power for Tamils. Don’t even think about federalism. Tamils are still under the firm grip of foreign powers which transformed young Tamils as ruthless terrorists in the world. Tamils are still faithful to foreign powers. Therefore, giving power to Tamils is giving power to foreign powers. If we give power to Tamils surely we will lose our trump card as a country located in the strategic Indian Ocean.

    The Tamil leaders are not smart enough to find a solution. Therefore, Tamils won’t find a solution. It doesn’t matter whether Tamils cry to Indians or the Westerners; there won’t be a solution. You will get zero answer; if you multiply anything by zero. Likewise, Tamils will get zero results, if they continue to multiply their votes to elect foolish leaders. Tamils won’t go anywhere by avoiding smart Tamils; they will continue to go backward. Tamils have achieved nothing by conducting the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for three decades with the help of the foreign powers. Tamil leaders don’t learn, but blindly follow the foreign powers. Therefore, Tamil leaders need to be watched and guided carefully; instead of sharing power.


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