Joint opposition slams Harin Fernando for words he used

Harin-FernandoThe joint opposition today slammed Minister Harin Fernando over some of the words he used in Parliament this week.

Opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena said that the words used by Fernando was unparliamentary and should not be repeated in future.

Gunawardena said the unparliamentary words were used during a heated exchange between the Minister and former Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said an investigation has been launched into the words used by the Minister.

Fernando was heard saying “mother f*****” in Sinhalese but the words were later removed from the video posted on the Parliament website. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Can this indecency and FOUL language be used in parliament by an elected representative of parliament during debating in the well of the legislature? The video recording above clearly exposes the TRUTH. But the words “mother f……” has been deleted by the speakers office/parliament administration on the youtube release. The government, the leader of the UNP and the President through the office of the SPEAKER should take SEVERE action against (I do not want to call him Honourable) this UNCIVILIZED MP and he should be suspended from parliament for a month as a punishment. Police action also has to be constituted, if any for using indecent language in parliament, if the rule-of-law prevails. It is sad that the Speaker has removed the important part where Harin Fernando was heard saying “mother f*****” in Sinhalese but the words were later removed from the video posted on the Parliament website. I beg that all the TV stations (channels) should broadcast this video for the sake of the Nation to know what type of “DIRTY” UNP parliamentarians we have in parliament these day’s, not withstanding the fact that there are SLFP/JO parliamentarian of similar calibre too. The speaker and the parliament administration feeling ashamed of this dirty behaviour of a UNP MP/minister and removing/deleting it from the official parliament website is “TREACHEROUS” to DEMOCRACY and “RIGHT TO INFORMATION”. Colombo Gazette is the only media that has the gust to publish these types of TRUTH for the consumption of the reading public.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP Stalwart and Convener “The Muslim Voice”.

  2. what he said fits 99% of the SL parlimentarins. utterly useless uneducated, murderers, drug paddlers, thieves of taxpayers money. Just think of the benefits they vote for themselves including President, primeminister, ministers, their relatives & friends, LUXRY CARS, CAR PERMITS TO SELL, FREE FUEL, FREE FOOD, FREE FOREIGN HOLIDAYS, FREE HEALTH CARE & HOSPITALS IN SINGAPORE.
    Poor taxpayers just have to suck it !

    All of them are the same, just make noises but keep back scratching each other.
    Hope & pray an almighty landslide will bury the SL parliament with all those blood suckers inside

  3. Hey Noor your name means light in Urdu but you seem in the dark. While condemning what this Fernando said don’t forget what some SLFP roadie said and did in Parliament.Sri Lanka became a fascist state under your favourite leader Mahinda Rajapaksa.Noor blind have you also forgotten what he did to your Muslim people in Aluthgama?Shame on you.Been in Canada and enjoying makes one forget ha?

  4. The speaker Karu J is NOT in control of the parliment.
    Neither can he and will he take any hard steps to stop such behaviour of parliment members.
    He was silent towards Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Sarath Fonseka’s tantrams.
    Karu J most go home if he does not have the backbone to punish such behaviour of ministers !

  5. Hello Wicky,
    I am Noor and I known that “Noor” is light and I am NOT in the dark or blind like you. Read my comment with the help pf “LIGHT” and you should understand what it means by the sentence ” not withstanding the fact that there are SLFP/JO parliamentarian of similar calibre to”. The incidents in Aluthgama were all planned by the R2R group of Rajitha Seneratne and on that particular day, he vanished abroad leaving the poor Muslims to get the worst of it. Muslim opportunistic politicians, political leaders, civil society groups and religious groups were like in a daze when all things were let loose in the community by the Sinhala Nationalists and the BBS and Mahinda is to be blamed for NOT beating it down. But WHY is there NO Presidential probe or commission YET appointed to INQUIRE on those incidents. The “YAHAPALANA” promised was to do so. What happened to the Rs. 200 Million Sri Lanka Civil Society received as assistance from local and foreign contributions. Where is the FULL REPORT on the reconstruction programme undertaken by the Army and the Navy to restore/reconstruct and make possible rehabilitation of all the buildings and houses of BOTH the Muslim and the Sinhalese victims. Where is the REPORT on the INSURANCE claims made by UNSCRUPULOUS traders/businessmen of both communities making false CLAIMS. Was it that Mahinda was afraid to touching the “Yellow Bikku Robe” and arrest the clergy that ran rampant to the run up to the Aluthgama and Beruwela incidents? The “YAHAPALANA” government is also COVERING many facts about this mayhem.Why are the Muslim politicians like Faizer Musthapa, Asad Sally, Rauf Hakeem, Mujeebu Rahuman, Rishad Bathiudeen, Azwer, Kabir Hashim, Haleem, and the Muslim Civil Society such as the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, All Ceylon Jamialthul Ulema, The YMMA and YMMA Conference silent about calling for a Presidential probe promised but NOT yet commenced, though it was promised if Mahinda was defeated. The Muslim Community HAS A RIGHT to know all details even at this late stage and court cases should be filed against those at fault. Some in the Muslim community who had benefited from this mayhem and hypnotising the MUSLIM VOTE BANK and emotional feelings of the Sri Lanka Muslim Community may NOT like this COMMENT. But DECEPTION is the worst ENEMY to a community and government. THE TRUTH HAS TO COME OUT EVEN AT THIS STAGE AND IT IS NOT TOO LATE.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP Stalwart and Convener “The Muslim Voice”.

  6. Shame for the Govt where is the decency, decorum and dignity ….PM should warn these Rascal Ministers…he used Mother F****** we can hear him shame on you , you should resign Mr Minister. Aluthgamage is equally a rotter , what he said about National Airline Chairman and CEO is true. The chairman a Cloth /Fabric Merchandiser whose only qualification is Classmate of Ranil and CEO is absolutely a useless Tech Crew Captain whose only qualification is the Brother of Charitha Ratwatte who destroyed our party UNP in 2002-2004…….this Govt CAN BE COMPARED TO KAHI GANI DEELA HOTU GANI GATTAWAGE…….we who supported this Govt to come to power are sad for how they are managing the Country.

    • What is said is true. Some of the appointments made by Ranil are controversial including the son in Law of Late Kattar Aloysius of Free Lanka Group. Perks enjoyed by some Heads are unimaginably higher than International Market rates compared with experience. There is no difference between Mahinda and Ranil. Only the group is Different. It is good time for Ranil’s connection and for those betrayed Mahinda and crossed over. It is same wine and same bottle but the owner is different. Ranil has been betrayed many times by close associates and confidantes. But how long can he survive , his honesty is his strength. But people around him …….

  7. Vasu created the scene in the last Parliament using similar words targeting Ranil. What did Dinesh or Prof. do at that time. .

  8. I agree that the current ‘Speaker’ is not fit to hold the job of SPEAKER. He should be replaced with a more stronger. sterner and a disciplinarian rather than the KARUNA shown by KARU. This is because the current crop of parliamentarians are the worst lot (except for about 50 of 225). Punishment should be meted out immediately – the officials of the Parliament should be ordered to remove the Parliamentarians bodily if needed and if they refused to leave on their own. Their allowances should be cut appropriately.

  9. It is not abnormal to the standard of SriLankan politics.
    these people only can be elected by the present system
    All my above friends could cry and cry nothing will change, unless the country gets a genuine dictator or complete different system
    is he a Josapian/ peterite, what a disgrace for that wonderful school
    He has money + thugerism + typical majority Srilankan votes = MP ( moda pisso )
    I think next time – thinking of voting for JVP
    Nothing to loose
    Who is with me ?
    Sorry if I hurt anyone by my words

  10. Gedara budun lesa salakana seyma minisekuwama melowata bihikala ey athi uthum mathawata sareerikawa piyekugen semiyekugen itiwiya uthu lebiya uthu kaika septha puthekugen lebena ekatharam uthum mathawata karana apagathawena nigrahayak mey lowey thawath netha.

    Therefore the uneducated uncivilised minister must make a public apology from all the mothers in Sri Lanka.

  11. Mr. Noor, forget about what other Muslims did or didn’t do regarding Aluthgama massacre of Muslims.The point is what did you do as a self proclaimed “SLFP stalwart”?Just nothing!You were silent.Infact you were working in cahoots with the Rajapaksa gang agents in Toronto for pure self gain at a time when your Muslims were been treated so harshly by the MR-Gota-BBS combine.As they say in Sri Lanka ” What to tell aney!” I understand that Muslims believe in a Judgement Day.Hope as a self proclaimed SLFP/Mahinada Rajapaksa “stalwart” you will be forgiven by your creator.

  12. Mr. Wicky,
    You still seem to be probing in the dark. I was in Sri Lanka during the period that these events were taking place. I saw for once how unscrupulous Muslim politicians and socalled Muslim civil society was engaged in making the best for their benefits, both politically and popularity as a result of this mayhem. Of course a very few were really genuine in their attempts to bring justice to the victims. THEY INDEED BROUGHT ABOUT MUCH PRESSURE ON MAHINDA TO ARREST THE SITUATION. I remember and incident where Muslim politicians met with former president Mahinda Rajapaksa to arrest the situation, but when things were politically explained to the Muslim groups, they kept mum, because they did NOT wish to loose the facilities or benefits they were enjoying from the Mahinda government when he was explaining his political calamity. When Mahinda stated that he cannot touch the “Robe” of the Buddhist clergy, as it will boomerang on the presidential election campaign, to a Muslim party leader, the Muslim leader kept quite without demanding action to be taken, which Mahinda would have done if strong pressure was applied. The pressure put on Mahinda by ordinary SLFPers was negligible at that moment. It was political pressure that was needed. Then a Muslim hypocrite politician even went to the extend of using his legal talents to suppress the owners of a Muslim clothing business to refrain proceeding with “CIVIL/LEGAL action to make it comfortable to Mahinda in winning the Presidential elections. This guy stooged to Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and got a President’s Council appointment from Mahinda and wanted to oust Hon. Fowzi Hajiar as the SLFP organizer Colombo Central. But it was former Minister Alavi Moulana who was in contact with Gotabaya Rajapaksa who was abroad, and got connected with Gotabaya around 2.30 am in the night with Gotabaya who arranged the Army to move in at that moment and arrest the situation and safety for the Muslims from the Sinhala Nationalist gangs of the JHU and Patali Champika Ranawaka. These Muslim minister and the JHU minister later stabbed behind the back of Mahinda at the Presidential elections of 2015 and the general elections by jumping camps. Minister Rajitha Seneratne had by that time vanished abroad the same evening evading from the blame that may have befallen him as the conspirator of these episodes against the Muslims of Aluthgama and Beruwela. The Muslims were at last duped by their own and the Sinhala Nationalists. These are stories that were never divulged to the media then. Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP Stalwart and Convener “The Muslim Voice”.

  13. Filthy buggers should be dealt with FILTHY WORDS – Harin well done and call these buggers for an open debate from any MEDIA. Certain backed medias are good for half baked news good for half brained Lankans


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