Hakeem insists no move to shut down water distribution

HakeemMinister of City Planning and Water Supply Rauff Hakeem today insisted that there was no move to shut down the water distribution to consumers.

The Minister said there were fears water levels at the Kelani river will rise further and polluted water will get into the water distribution plant.

However he said indications so far were that the water levels in the river will not rise to a level to affect water distribution to the consumers.

He told Parliament today that claims the Kelani river was polluted with oil was false and that water from the river was being purified and pumped into the Ambatale Water Treatment Plant.

The Minister also insisted that the Ambatale Water Treatment Plant was functioning smoothly despite reports of power cuts in the surrounding areas.

He said that generators were being used to ensure the Water Treatment Plant operates uninterrupted and water is supplied to the consumers. (Colombo Gazette)


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