UK’s main opposition backs self-determination for Tamils

Jeremy CorbynBritain’s main opposition Labour Party says it supports the right to self-determination for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn vowed to stand with the Tamil community “in the search for truth, justice, accountability and reconciliation.

In a video message and written statement released to coincide with Mullivaikal Remembrance Day, the leader of the Labour Party also reiterated his support for the implementation, in full, of the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution on Sri Lanka.

Paying tribute to how the wider Tamil community had “shouldered injustice for decades” Corbyn offered his thanks for the “enormous contribution” Tamils have made to life in Britain.

Meanwhile Sen Kandiah, Chair of Tamils for Labour, said the Tamil community is deeply grateful for Jeremy’s message of solidarity.

“There has been no better friend to the Tamil people, and to the causes of truth and accountability in Sri Lanka, than the UK Labour Party,” he said.

Kandiah said that with the on-going support from Jeremy and his fellow Labour MPs, Tamils in the UK will redouble their efforts to ensure that justice is secured for the tens of thousands of Tamils who were slaughtered on the beaches at Mullivaikal, and elsewhere, in the final days and weeks of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Jeramy,

    Don’t stop at that. Those Tamils in your country too should be given a separate state/ area for self rule. Then only you have done justice to Tamils.

    • Jews asked a homeland in Canada, but they gave in the Middle East. It is easier to give others; if you are not the owner of the property. The West also keep its representatives in strategic locations to divide and rule others.

  2. we strongly recommend and support the self-determination of all Tamils in the UK!
    , we postulate the same rights for all srilankan citizens, because all f them “shouldered injustice for decades” during the brutal colonial regime of the UK in the near past!!! Nevertheless the Tamils got very privileged during this dark period, because of the UK’s “rule and divide” policy, BUT NO DIVIDE FOR SINHALESE PEOPLE

  3. I’m not really into politics and don’t normally listen to them, having said that new opposition leader Mr Corbyn’s speeches are quite fascinate me, and I do like his type of politics..
    However, I don’t agree with his statement about Tamils in Sri Lanka.. Yes there is an issue! but giving a separate state is not the answer. We recently been to Sri Lanka.. what a nice country, and lovely people (regardless of their origin)

    It’s pretty obvious Sri Lanka is a majority of Sinhalese country and quite a lot Tamils living all around the places with no issue.. but I originally thought they only living in North and East.. I belief Sri Lanka should remain Signalise land (like us English in England) allow other minorities have their own rights (of course)

    Thank god bloody war is over.. it’s time to build this little island.. it’s a shame to see such hasty statement from good people like Mr Corbyn.. I strongly belief its not his own thought but he might have some influence from other party members (well.. there quite a lot of Tamil votes in England)

  4. The past regime called it “Victory day” and was foolishly put to masses as an “achieved victory”. Was there any “victory” at all instead of shame?

    The shame we experienced was in or over;

    1. Inabilty to peacefully talk and end the Tamil national question for 67 years.

    2. In killing 100,000 Tamil indigenous civilians in a “no fire zone”..

    3. shame of military oppression by soldiers, kidnapping, terrorising civilians, torture, disappearance and genocide..

    4. Shame in the world, and the UN, as people who do not know to reconcile with one aother.

    5. Shame of corruption,and poverty of citizens in arms purchase for multi billions.

    Even now, sense has not returned to the leaders to apologise for the offence done to citizens. When will it dawn, if ever?

  5. Dear Jeremy, please declare either part of scottland or arrange one of the small islands near Scottland to be the New Eelam State as there are so many pro Eelam british tamils in England. Let them all move there have self-determination.
    I am sure H. M. the Queen too would support you in this matter

  6. So you support terrorism & here are few reminders in case you forgot. You are not and will not be a British PM. Shaving your bead could bring more votes than supporting terrorists.

    2000 1 June: Real IRA bomb on Hammersmith Bridge, London.
    2000 20 September: Real IRA fired an RPG-22 at the MI6 HQ in London.
    2001 4 March: Real IRA detonated a car bomb outside the BBC’s main news centre in London. One London Underground worker suffered deep cuts to his eye from flying glass and some damage was caused to the front of the building.[22] (See 2001 BBC bombing)
    2001 16 April: Hendon post office bombed by the Real IRA.
    2001 6 May: Real IRA detonated a bomb in a London postal sorting office. One person was injured.[23]
    2001 3 August: Real IRA bomb explodes in Ealing, West London, injuring seven people.[24] (See 2001 Ealing bombing)
    2001 4 November: Real IRA car bomb in Birmingham.[25]

  7. Please be honourable and give part of your country to those who want self determination. Sri Lanka is no longer one of your colonies. Stay off Sri Lanka.

  8. Go ahead and support separatism as well as terrorism elsewhere. You will become the first victim of both. London is full of Pakistani’s why not give them self rule? You have a huge Tamil population too. They will love self determination in a part of a country like the UK


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