Fonseka disappointed with decision to shift army headquarters

Sarath FonsekaFormer army commander, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka today expressed disappointment at the decision taken by the former Government to shift the army headquarters to Battaramulla.

Fonseka told Parliament today that the Galle Face property which housed the army headquarters was sold to a foreign firm for a hotel project, disrespecting the service rendered by the army to the Nation.

He said that most countries maintain the army headquarters at their historic locations but the former Government allowed the Sri Lanka army headquarters to be demolished and for a new one to be built in Battaramulla.

Fonseka said the current Government shows more respect to the army and is doing more for the welfare of the soldiers than the former regime. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I agree to disagree with your statement. Sri Lanka drives reasonable foreign income from the tourist sector. Therefore, enhancing the tourist sector was the right decision.

    Mr Fonseka you have a seat in the parliament, because of Ranil’s mercy. Please stop bad mouthing about others, just do your job. Please do a decent job, so the people may vote for you during the next election; unless you are expecting to get Ranil’s mercy again.

    Please note: Ranil may not be there after the next election to pamper you. You never say ‘Never.’ If you don’t believe me ask Prabhakaran Aiya or Mahinda Mama ;~))))))

  2. We are for de-militatration in Sri Lankan state.
    In long-term we do not agreed for centre of Colombo Army Camp.
    That is not good for democracy as whole.

    Fonseka run by politics of Military that has nothing to do with politics of democrazation of Island politics.

    Fonseks has give up Military line of thinking and its politics by his deeds.

  3. fonseka is dumb, it does matter where the army is as they do not do emergency work, why should they use prime property

  4. and we are disappointed that he is buying a super luxury car for himself while flood affected people are crying for help.
    A man with 200 votes in parliament and a minister to boot.
    it can only happen in good old sri lanka.
    dont live in the past sarath move on

  5. The former government made the correct decision to shift the military head quarters to
    Battaramulla as no military establishments and men in uniform, except the Policemen
    should be seen in close proximity to the city, unless there is an emergency. There is
    large movement of people, workers and tourists moving around the city area and they
    should not be under the presumption that the city area is a militarized zone.The military
    head quarters could be anywhere in the country as due to modern technology ,coordi-
    nation among the forces , forces command centre and the Govt. can be done without
    any delay.
    Fld.. Marshal Fonseka is still in his military mind set. The war is over and civilian atmos-
    phere should prevail in all cities, including the cities of North & East so that people can
    move freely and go about doing their businesses.

  6. Once, this man was a war hero. But because of his stupid idea of becoming USA henchman to contest to become President, he lost his credibility. Now he is considered as a joker in Parliament. People get furious even when they see his face. No need to open the foul mouth, Fonseka is not in people’s heart like before. He is only a “Paddy-Field Marshal” now.


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