Canadian PM notes foreign judges must be involved in Sri Lanka

Justin TrudeauThe Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau says foreign judges must be involved in the investigations on the war in Sri Lanka.

He said this in a statement issued on the seventh anniversary of the end of the war in Sri Lanka.

“Today, we mark the anniversary of the end of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009. It is a time to honour, remember, and reflect on the victims of this 26-year war. Over the past seven years, I have met many victims of this war, and have been deeply moved by their heroic stories of trauma and loss. Much work lies ahead to heal the wounds of all those who have suffered, and to achieve long-term peace and reconciliation on the island,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that Tamil-Canadians are an integral part of Canada and have overcome much adversity.

“I extend my deepest sympathy and support to Canadians of Tamil descent,” he added.

He also said that he was encouraged that the Sri Lankan Government is committed to working with the United Nations Human Rights Council and the international community towards seeking accountability in Sri Lanka.

Trudeau said a robust accountability mechanism must enlist the confidence of the victims of this war, through the meaningful engagement of foreign and Commonwealth investigators, prosecutors, and judges.

He said Canada will continue to engage the international community in investigating and addressing serious violations of international law in Sri Lanka and around the world and is also willing to assist the Government of Sri Lanka in fulfilling this commitment. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How about the others who were killed by the terrorists? Only Tamils? How about the innocent Sinhalese civilians killed in their bed by the terrorists? How bias these people can be? Sri Lanka is a sovereign country, no one has to poke their fingers in it’s internal affairs.

  2. Sadly Canada has no roll in international politics. Pot is teasing the black kettle ?
    With out much of a fuss I would say pi55 off Mr.Priminster of Canada.

  3. His experience before entering parliament of Canada was, rock band drummer, Montessori teacher and finally, bar-room bouncer! Not much different from our own “storm troopers”!

    Yesterday, he man-handled a man and a woman during a session of Parliament. So we have much in common.

    • As a previous rock band drummer turning to become the Prime Minister of Canada shows he is a capable person. He has shown that he is a good, honest leader. A single blip is not a big thing. In Sri Lankan Parliament worst things have happened. Justin has been recognized not only in Canada, but in USA, European Union and many other countries. His popularity is the highest in the world today.

  4. Jews asked a homeland in Canada, but you gave in the Middle East. It is easier for you to give others; if you are not the owner of the property. You also keep your representatives in strategic locations to divide and rule others.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, now it is a good opportunity for you to show your generosity and love for Tamils. CANADA IS THE 2ND LARGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and large enough to create Eelam for Tamils. I encourage you to do it now. Don’t betray Tamils as your forefathers have betrayed Jews.

    By the way where were you and those Tamil leaders, including the diaspora leaders, especially the UN leaders when the Tamil armed groups were mercilessly gunned down each other group members; and assassinating political leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist groups in the world? It is a shame, you didn’t bring those foreign judges when we needed badly.

    I urge to to create Eelam in Canada. If you can’t just mind your own business; it is good for your body, mind and soul.

  5. Justin just mind your own business. Don’t poke your nose to Sri Lankan affairs. We never asked for your opinion and we will never do that. Don’t think all of us living here are fools like most of the migrated sri lankans in Canada.

  6. The investigation has to be conducted in two fold. One against the armed forces of Sri Lanka the other against the LTTE. Since most of the LTTE seniors, funders and supporters are living abroad, it may be prudent to appoint foreign judges to investigate the LTTE members in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, Germany, France and other countries. This way SL Government can satisfy both the UN and the local population.

  7. Mr Trudeau, if you want to help Sri Lankans of all communities majority sinhalese, your vote base tamils and muslims. take a lesson from China and help this country at this disastous moment. Your forefarthers were genuine in building bridges with projects like Colombo Plan. If you are sympathetic with the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils from Sri Lanka you can act genuinely like how they let the french take over Quebec and let Tamils take over Toronto. The tamils in Canada do not want to come to Sri Lanka but will vote you right through out their life time if you be a hero and cessede Toronto to tamil population in Canada the second largest population. Good luck to you and keep your icy hands off Sri Lanka,

  8. So,Mr.Prime minister, you sympathize only with Tamils ,right ?Dont you remember the innocent Sinhala,Muslim civilians killed in the attacks on central bank ,railway stations,mosques,markets etc. etc?It is because they are small in numbers compared to three hundred Tamils in Canada,you sympathize with the Tamils.
    Everything is for votes,nothing else.

  9. the canadian pm is an idiot.he talks without knowing facts. he listens to some tamil murderers living in canada and thinks what they are saying is gospel truth

  10. pierre we got enough good judges here mate. dont need foregners who know nothing about sri lanka doing things here
    just look at what you lot did in iraq afganistan and the middle east.
    dont need such crap here thank you very much.

  11. How much does he know about Sr Lanka or the 30 year war? Does he even know that the LTTE was banned in Canada? Just talking for Tamil votes. “Great pretender” and opportunist.

  12. Put your” House” in order before trying to put the SL. house in order. You dont see the beam in your eye (yesterday”s drama) but you see the speck in Sri Lanka. The present Prime Minister and President are “True Gentlemen” not thugs.cut out the “drama”.

  13. Mr.Justin.Trudeau,
    Talk from your mouth not from your back. What do you know about this LTTE murderers? First solve Canadians problems and then think about Sri Lanka? Can you solve aboriginal issues?

    • Well said Sarath, Can he acknowledge the Aboriginal people as the true owners of Canada by the Canadian Constitution?

  14. A panel of foreign judges must be involved to determine if the behaviour of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is appropriate and Democratic in Canadian Parliament yesterday before he poke his finger into Sri Lankan internal affairs

  15. Very biased statement to get the votes. Fucking asshole. It is not only the Tamils who suffered, the majority Sinhalese suffered more. Young fucking asshole.

  16. We are all for justice right! Why are we so afraid to invite international judges to investigate Sri Lankan issues UNLESS we have something to hide!


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