Over 180 people rescued from three villages in Aranayake

AranayakeOver 180 people have been rescued from three villages in Aranayake where a devastating landslide is believed to have killed scores of people.

Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s rescue teams joined Government Authorities in the wee hours of Wednesday in search for over 200 families missing since a massive landslide came down on the Siripura, Pallebage and Elagipitya villages in Aranayake located in the Kegalle District.

Electricity was cut off completely last night making it difficult for rescue teams to reach the locations, but in the initial hours managed to rescue over 180 persons. They have been housed at the Viyaneliya Temple.

“We are managing the camp and has provided them with first aid, cooked food, dry rations, blankets and other relief items,” the Sri Lanka Red Cross said.

Two rescue teams have been deployed in search for the missing by the Red Cross in order to join main rescue teams. Authorities managing the rescue efforts believe that a larger number of people would have been victims of this landslide. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. For a moment think the difficulty being faced by the people there, living for generations in their most loved place, their little sweet home. It is a Tsunami of Mud running and burying the people in a Flash. Is it an Act of God or man made tragedy. The entire country should join in the pain of the Survivors.


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