Sri Lankan asylum seeker to sue Australia for deporting him

DeportationThe Australian federal Government may face a legal challenge over its ­deportation this month of a boatload of Sri Lankan asylum-seekers, who were flown back from the Cocos Islands, an Australian territory.

Sri Lankan human rights lawyer Lakshan Dias described the ­deportations as a “grave violation of international law” and said he had been in contact with lawyers in Australia interested in pursuing a challenge, The Australian newspaper reported.

He said the recent decision by the Papua New Guinean High Court, which declared Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island illegal, would have had no bearing on the Sri Lankans’ decision to go to Australia. He doubted they would have heard of it.

Dias represents one of the asylum-seekers deported. He said his client was poor, desperate and illiterate and “didn’t even own a mobile phone”. There was a “high possibility” his client was being persecuted in Sri Lanka and had a legitimate case for asylum, he said.

The boat carrying 12 Sri Lankans was spotted off the coast of the remote Cocos Islands a fortnight ago. After deportation, they were taken into custody when they ­arrived in Colombo and questioned by the country’s Criminal Investigation Department about how they had left Sri Lanka.

Ten of them have been released on bail. However, two people, including Mr Dias’s client, remain in the ­Negombo Prision, charged with “leaving the country from an ­unlawful harbour”. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “”He said his client was poor, desperate and illiterate and “didn’t even own a mobile phone”. “”

    He never got a free boat ride did he??

    Only a fool at Australia would take up his case with the impending elections locked onto immigration.
    Australia has an immigration policy for the rich and poor and to be under the hammer of corrupt nations that boast of `sovereignty` when caught with their pants down -is a travesty.

    Try Estado Neuvo Portugal- Barroso might help you.

    • I am not against sending people back who are not genuine refugees. But the question is how can you find out who is genuine or not by sending the boat back in the middle of the sea? The Europeans don’t do such a thing. In fact you have asked the Europeans to do the same to the Syrian refugees who came by boat. Not only you act as typical criminals but ask decent people to follow. I am well aware of your justice system. I lived and experienced for 18 years. I was a victim of your system. You came as convicts and took the country on genocide, how can we talk justice and humanity with you?

      I couldn’t believe when the convicts deleted my Australian citizenship details in the system, because I exposed what have been happening in the outback and detention centres. I was shocked when they systematically stopped me getting a human rights lawyer to hide their barbaric act. They have no remorse whatsoever. I haven’t finished with them, they must acknowledge their barbaric act. It may take time, but I am determined to make it happen.

  2. Good to hear that convicts have been sued. They are doing all kinds of ill acts, because they have a dirty system to up-hold their actions. We must somehow find the way to give back the convicts with interests.


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