Jaffna university students to commemorate “massacre” of Tamils

MahaveerDay11272015Jaffna university students are to commemorate the “massacre” of Tamils in 2009 at a ceremony to be staged outside the university tomorrow.

The Jaffna university student’s union has invited the public to attend the ceremony tomorrow morning.

In a public notice, the Jaffna university student’s union says the death of hundreds of Tamils during the final stages of the war in 2009 was the biggest massacre of a single community.

Events to mark the remembrance of victims of the final war began in the North and East last week. Northern provincial council members and families of those killed during the final stages of the war attended the events.

Northern Provincial Council member M.K Sivajilingham said earlier that the main event will be staged in Mullivaikal tomorrow.

In the past the authorities had attempted to prevent the Mullivaikal commemoration events from being held as it was seen as paying respects to LTTE cadres killed during the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When will the staff and students wipe out politics from campus??

    The leading autonomous universities of India do not entertain them while several Lankan students from north have tried it to be expelled.

  2. The students are not getting free education to do this, especially funded by Sinhalese tax payers. Let’s see how far the good governance will bend down.

  3. These students will not be living today if not for the GOSL who eradicated terrorism. They will be either suicide bombers for the LTTE or killed by the suicide bombers of LTTE. Using the term “massacre of Tamils” is highly inappropriate and offensive for Sri Lanka and would not help reconciliation efforts of the Gov. The gov. should ban such activities

    • A valid point. But deaths of all men innocent or in duty irrespective of race religion cannot be forgotten. Jaffna students should think outside the box and nationally. Once they pass out as a Doctor in Jaffna they do not wish to be in Jaffna and serve their People. They wish to Come to Colombo or Kandy.

  4. This shows how racist these ethnic group. Commemorate the innocent Muslims and Sinhalese too killed by your LTTE.

  5. O.k, with all do respect to the Tamils got killed during the war.
    So only Tamils got massacred, If the mindset is not going to change, the issue will be there for ever. what ever you do, the future will answer again. might be a another nasty blood bath.

      • Don’t say things like this. Tamils and Sinhala need to be united. People can commemorate any group of people they please. Don’t blame all Sinhala for the wrongdoings of the racist army.

  6. Sinhalese people are the devil’s people, this comment thread proves that. They aren’t sorry for how they destroyed the constructs of other communities, they blame “Terrorism” but can’t hide the truth about what happened in Sri Lanka and their murderous govt destroyed the life and ways of the Tamil people. Take responsibility for what you people did and live with the shame you cowards!

    • Wrong thinking and pre conceived mindset. Good and bad men are everywhere. It has nothing to do with races. Racism is a weapon in the hands of politicians and few rich, powerful people to play out uninterruptedly the economic resources of the country. It is the history of all wars.


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