Death toll from heavy rain rises, over 200,000 people affected

floodThe death toll from the heavy rain experienced since Saturday night rose to 11 as of this morning with six people missing and over 200,000 people affected.

Of the 11 dead are a woman and two children who were among six people buried in a landslide in Kadugannawa early this morning.

The Disaster Management Centre (DMC) said that people in 19 districts have been affected by the heavy rain and strong winds with Colombo and the surrounding areas the worst affected.

A DMC spokesman said that 134, 406 people have been displaced from the bad weather and have been transferred to temporary shelters.

Meanwhile the department of meteorology said that the low pressure area is moving away from Sri Lanka and rainy conditions over the island will reduce to some extent, but strong windy conditions will continue.

The department of meteorology said that showers or thunder showers will occur at times in the Northern, North-central, North-Western, Western, Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces and in the Galle and Matara districts.

Heavy falls (more than 100 mm) are likely at some places, the department of meteorology said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If its not scorching sun then its heavy rains. Well ! it goes to show that the land is unblessed. The vote is a curse in disguise, a curse that brings in bigger curses that are undescribeable.
    ” If thou would take thy grace away nothing pure in man will stay, all his good is turned to ill.”

  2. The sole reason for these disasters are our on selfish people who destroy the nature to fulfill there greed at the cost of the country. The main rascals on these disasters are the politician who ruin the resources of the land on their own will. Until we find the politicians who love the country these will be continued.

    Lord Buddha was born under a Tree. He was Enlightened under a tree. He passed away under a tree.
    After he enlightened he sat and meditated 7 days under the Bo Tree as a mark of gratitude to the nature and tree that gave him shade for enlightenment.

    This clearly explain how much we must love and love the nature! If we do not do that these disasters are inevitable.


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