Military to commemorate end of war by focusing on reconciliation

A_Reminiscence_of_Reconciliation_at_the_Independence_Square_20160516_02p2The military will on Wednesday commemorate the end of the war by focusing on peace and reconciliation, the Ministry of Defence said today.

‘A Reminiscence of Reconciliation’, a cultural presentation of victory by the tri-forces, police and civil security department will be held on Wednesday evening at the Independence Square premises in Colombo. The cultural event will be held as part of the War Heroes commemoration programme.

A commemoration ceremony will also be held at the War Heroes Monument in Battaramulla on the same day.

The programme will be held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena with the participation of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Karunasena Hettiarachchi told reporters today that reconciliation is essential for maintaining the lasting peace achieved after much sacrifices and the cultural programme on Wednesday is being held as a part of the Government’s effort in promoting reconciliation among the people.

It is a farsighted measure taken by the Government to promote the Sri Lankan identity through reconciliation among the people of all races and religions.

Hettiarachchi said the President together with the Prime Minister and the Government had decided to conduct such a programme this year in order to build lasting peace through reconciliation, friendship and brotherhood among the people.

The cultural programme will see artists performing dance and musical items representing all cultural and traditional styles in the country. It will be staged with the participation of between 450 to 600 artists from the tri forces, police and civil security department. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This fellow does not understand what it really means to us; Victory is victory over terrorism. The celebration honors those who made ultimate scarifies to our freedom that we enjoyed today. These pencil pushers did not do anything to protect our freedom and free us from the threat of terrorism and the world’s most feared ruthless terrorist movement.

  2. AND.. what about the chance for the heroes and war disabled to do their parade in front of the people they saved form LTTE ?. wont they be slowly forgotten by not giving them due place ?. at least one day to commemorate.

  3. The LTTE Terrorists underestimated the Security Forces and thought they could capture the entire Country. The idiots all over the World who funded the Terrorists too thought the same. But we are proud to be from the only Nation in the entire Universe that humiliated and ERASED the Worlds murderous Terrorist out fit without a trace. Any Jokers who dream about establishing a separate State in our Mother Lanka, should think twice and stop day dreaming.

    • 1.In the last ten months our Minister of Foreign Affairs has been telling UNHRC, US Institute of Peace, Swizerland Federal Minister, Australian Institute for International Affairs, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, ….. that what successive governmants did created the armed rebels and that the present government would remedy the root causes.
      2.History tells us that oppressive governments have been doing nasty things to their own citizens..


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