Reginold Cooray advised to stop talking politics

Reginold CoorayNorthern Province Governor Reginold Cooray has been advised to stop talking politics.

Minister of National Dialogue, Mano Ganeshan said that the opinions being expressed by Cooray are creating “more tensions”.

Ganeshan also reminded Cooray that he is a public official and not a politician. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Yeah let the Tamil fools to talk their useless politics. Today I went for a political meeting at the Jaffna library, but I couldn’t share my views. First of all they are not open, second they are not smart to understand wise people. The West and India are behind this fools. They won’t listen to smart Tamils or Sinhalese. They are there to impose the foreign interests.

  2. During 30 years of war Tamils kept Sri Lanka under their custody. They killed Presidents, Ministers, innocent people but government had no control. Then Rajapaksa eradicated the brutal LTTE; which was a surprise for India and the West. So they removed Rajapaksa by using Tamils again. Now Tamils dictating the government saying ‘Sirisena won the election from Tamil votes’. And Sirisena is doing exactly what they ask for. Pathetic Sri Lanka.


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