Anandasangaree claims money allocated for the North returned

veerasingham-anandasangareeTamil United Liberation Front (TULF) General Secretary and newly formed Democratic Tamil National Front (DTNF) member V. Anandasangaree claims a large sum of money allocated for the North had been returned to the treasury.

He says this shows the inefficiency of the Northern Provincial Council led by the Tamil National Alliance and their incapacity to administer.

“In the present political situation, the problems of the people including those of their fundamental rights are not properly tackled. The main purpose of the new alliance is to find proper ways and means, through a new democratic alternate leadership, which will not merely voice the grievances of the people but also endeavour to solve them by taking them up with the Indian and Sri Lankan Governments and with many others if necessary, with suitable solutions,” he said.

Anandasangaree said that the people had high hopes of getting help through the TNA, but the members of the TNA are fighting among themselves.

“They could not negotiate with the Government to have the Political prisoners released. In the East they face the Sampoor problem, in the North the water problem and the problems of the Ex LTTE cadre are all a big threat for peaceful living. In a situation like this there are a lot of things to be done for their peaceful living,” he added.

The central committee of the TULF, meanwhile, met today and discussed the way forward and the future plans of the new alliance. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Knee jerk ananda pache party.

    Just Justice Wiggie can do while the rest cant do and the left wobbling in a brawl.

  2. It doesn’t surprise to me at all. The TNA leaders are puppets of the foreign powers. The TNA leaders do what is necessary for the foreign powers, not for the people in the North.

  3. Sangaree has played, acted different roles. People in the North has rejected him understanding him. It is time for him to retire in Sri Lankan Politics and join his son in Canadian Politics.

    • The TNA leaders must resign first. I found that Tamil leaders are very immature in domestic and international politics. Therefore, I would not support the government to share power with Tamil leaders. If the government shares power with Tamil leaders the foreign powers will get benefit not Tamils. Therefore if the government shares more power with Tamils, it will put Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese in danger. It will lead to more suffering. The country will be dividend and lead to external war. The North against the South. India will back the North and China will back the South. Tamils won’t be happy even if the government gives them 51% of the country. The foreign power will support Tamil foolish leaders and they will follow the foreign powers blindly as they always do. They never agreed to 40:60 political solution when G. G. Ponnambalam was their leader, but decided to take arms from New Delhi to kill their own people. Second chance came through the Indo-Lanka agreement. Still they rejected the reasonable offer, but decided to join with the West and turned their guns towards fellow Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and Indians. That is why I defined Tamils as “Dangerous creatures of Asia.”


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