Sri Lankan Community in France to receive solutions for longstanding consular issues

Ambassador Tilak Ranaviraja addressing the gatheringEmbassy of Sri Lanka in Paris successfully concluded the first ever consular forum conducted by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Paris with a view to address issues faced by the Sri Lankan Community in France pertaining to issuance of passports, registration of birth, citizenship certificates and issuance of dual citizenship certificates, the Foreign Ministry said today.

On an invitation extended by Ambassador Tilak Ranaviraja, a team of Senior Officials consisting of D. Swarnapala, Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs, M. N. Ranasinghe, Controller General of Immigration and Emigration and K. P. Yogachandra, Deputy Controller, Overseas Missions, Department of Immigration & Emigration visited Paris and held discussions with the Embassy Officials as well as members of the community.

The Forum was attended by members of the Sri Lankan community representing all ethnic groups. They were given the opportunity to present common as well as individual issues and difficulties faced by them at present.

M. N. Ranasinghe, Controller General of Immigration and Emigration speaking at the event mentioned that while taking into consideration the difficulties expressed, the Department of Immigration and Emigration would look at ways and means of finding appropriate solutions in consultation with the relevant stakeholders of the Government. Further, he added that given the policy priorities of the present National Unity Government with regard to reconciliation, he is very hopeful at finding viable solutions.

Members of the Sri Lankan community appreciated the initiative taken by the Embassy and the Department to explore avenues to find solutions to their existing issues. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. That is what you are paid to do- That includes the corrupt PM’s who take it for granted that they own the people.

    Get on with it do your duty without tamashas.

    Don’t think Just Do It.

  2. It is a pity that SL Consular Offices in European Countries are not very helpful to its people at most times. Passports take over 3 months to be received and a
    handful of them are purposely delayed, awaiting direct contacts via “brokers” for
    a bribe to conclude their work. The given Telephone No. 011 532 9230 is NEVER
    answered. Even the Hunting Line 5329000 is put on hold for long times, after
    pressing 3 for English.
    I am told that Dual Citizenship can be organized under the table for SL Rs.
    one lakh – very evident from the Serial Nos. assigned by the Consular Offices and the ones granted C Ref. No.

    • I too think that this is the truth. There is no supervision in the Citizenship Div. so
      much so, a friend of mine claimed that he was able to pay a lady Officer in charge
      of Overseas files that he paid Rs. 5000/- to have his file brought up to the top!
      While it was claimed that the data is computerised and done systematically, no
      such thing appears to be happening as Application sent in April 2015 are still
      pending but one who made his in Sept.2015 has got the Dual Citizenship Stamp
      on his foreign Passport – paying the required “Tip”. Will the Minister (Hon.
      Navinna) please step in to nip the bud???


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