India confident Sirisena’s visit will help further boost ties

mobi SirisenaThe Indian Government says it is confident the visit by President Maithripala Sirisena will contribute to further strengthening the close and cooperative relations between India and Sri Lanka.

President Sirisena is making a working visit to India today and tomorrow, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said.

He will address the valedictory session at the Vaicharick Mahakumbh which is being held as part of the Simhastha Mahakumbh in Ujjain on the 14th of May.

He will also visit Sanchi where he will tour the World famous Sanchi Stupa and attend a function by the Mahabodhi Society of Sri Lanka during which he will unveil a statute of Angarika Dharmapala.

The President of Sri Lanka will also be in Delhi today where Prime Minister will host a dinner in his honour. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Maratha Kingdom Modi wants at least the Hindu Tamil votes of Nadu.
    NaMo do not put your hand in the pot of foreign exchange honey
    created by Raghu to keep the Chinese well away.

    Rahul spoilt the show for himself at Nadu.

    The Northern Tamils have spoilt it for themselves big time by being
    involved in Nadu politics indirectly.

    The present government was stolen from common candidate by hegel egghead-
    the 100 day man shamelessly parading nepotism and blind to corruption.

    At present on Gotabaya and BBS are capable of running the nation like LKY- feared ones.
    There is no one in the nation that is loved so as to rule.


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