Ragging forcing students to join private universities

Mohan LalThe Government says ragging is forcing students to join private universities and not State universities.

State Minister of Higher Education, Mohan Lal Grero said that parents are scared to send their children to State universities.

He said the root causes of ragging must be looked into and measures must be taken to ensure severe forms of ragging does not take place.

Seven students of the University of Kelaniya were arrested recently for allegedly ragging another student and were remanded till May 17.

Among the students arrested were four female students. The students were arrested after a female student made a complaint stating that she was ragged. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ragging is used by some students to take vengeance on socially upward families and also in some cases on family disputes. Varaparagasam Peradeniya Undergraduate’s murderers are still at large and may be holding top Posts. It is never too late. Government must get the assistance of Interpol to bring the Murderers to Sri Lanka if they have slipped out of the Country. It cannot be a closed file.

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