Modi uses Sri Lanka in BJP campaign for Assembly polls

Modi PTIIn an effort to bank on the goodwill that it received when five fishermen from Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu who were awarded capital punishment were repatriated from Sri Lankan prisons, BJP leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his Government at the Centre was not just a saviour of the fishing folk, but was also like the father and mother to them, the New Indian Express reported.

“I urged Sri Lanka to release the five fishermen rather than just reducing their punishment from death penalty to life sentence. I told them I am like their father and mother,” said Modi at a public meeting at Thethakudi, an interior village near Vedaranyam. The prime minister had met the five at the helipad before arriving at the venue.

Eyeing the sizeable fishermen population in the coastal district, Modi listed in detail the schemes that his government undertook for the community. “We have many comprehensive schemes that meets all the demands of the local public, ranging from good roads, uninterrupted power supply, drinking water and cold storage units to preserve your catch,” he said.

The latest was operating ‘e-boats at his constituency, Varanasi, that he said would help save at least Rs 500 per day for boat owners.

Attacking the AIADMK and DMK regimes that have ruled the State in the past decades, he alleged that the State was facing trouble in ensuring power supply, medical and educational facilities. “It’s been more than 50 years since we became independent, but the basic amenities are still not fulfilled in this state. That is why I came here to ask for your votes to develop the State.

Union Minister from Tamil Nadu, Pon Radhakrishnan, urged the people to vote for his party candidate SK Vedarathinam at Vedaranyam. “If you elect him, we will establish fishing harbours at Aarukaattuthurai and Vellappallam,” said the senior leader from the State, adding that the railway ministry would take steps to resume rail service between Thiruthuraipoondi and Agasthiyampalli.”

The party’s State in-charge, Muralidhar Rao and others were present during the meeting. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Bring in Hema Malani- still a chickna!

    Modi Maratha = Thanjavur Maratha Kingdom- The Last Kingdom of India.

    “”I am like their father and mother,” said Modi at a public meeting at Thethakudi, an interior village near Vedaranyam.”

    That is exactly the reason to go with the existing support base than skewer it.
    Amma De Podu – you have to give to the grieving and get something back unlike the Portuguese rascals.


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