Chandrika tells UN Sri Lanka must address human rights concerns

CBK UNFormer President and current Chairperson of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation, Chandrika Kumaratunga says accusations of human rights violations during the conflict in Sri Lanka must be addressed.

Seh was speaking at a special session of the United Nations General Assembly focused on UN, Peace and Security at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The former President relayed her country’s experience in years following what she called “a very destructive war”.

The opposition had been crushed, she said, but the country did not win peace because the Government did not undertake a peacebuilding process. After a change of Government, however, the two major political parties were brought together through a common vision. “This makes things very easy,” she said. “Military means are not sufficient to end a conflict,” she stressed. Deep-rooted causes must be dealt with. In Sri Lanka’s case, accusations of human rights violations during the conflict also had to be addressed.

She said that for those reasons, a reconciliation mechanism had been set up working very closely with United Nations agencies.

“Creative programmes had been instituted to change attitudes. Equal rights had been accorded to minorities and for that purpose a new constitution was being drafted with the participation of the former opposition. In schools, children of the four major communities were being brought together for the first time in their lives. Young professionals were being brought together in workshops and through arts festivals. Psycho-social support was being provided for those traumatized during the conflict. In districts damaged by conflict, including those dominated by minorities, five-year development plans were being implemented. In addition to United Nations agencies, bilateral partnerships were being developed to support these programmes,” she added.



  2. All what is said is sufficient. Just 5 comments describes ones carrier as a President.

    Her image in Sri Lankan circles is very poor.

  3. How ironic that she chairs the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation. It was her family dynasty that created the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka in the first instance during a period of political leadership (or non-leadership) that spanned the 50s through to the 70s. This period of dysfunctional leadership eventually led to the formation of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 1972 during the prime ministership of the own mother. She herself failed to provide effective, meaningful leadership during her tenure as her country’s president in the 1990s (a period that witnessed the re-emergence of her geriatric mother as prime minister).

    I do truly believe that this world would be a much better place to inhabit without politicians and their insincere, self-serving pronouncements and beliefs. The tragedy of peoples including Sri Lankans is that they are unable to see through the façade of these rabid charlatans. This unfortunately includes the UN and its sponsors.

    There could not be a worse choice for national unity and reconciliation. In the meanwhile, the world delights to be duped by the romantic myth of the “good guys” versus the “bad guys” courtesy the UN.

    Politics! Politics!! Politics!!! And the world will continue on its downward spiral.

  4. All developments she is alluding to were carried out by Rajapakse Government, and not by Sirisena who is just making statements after stetement but doing nothing. He is taking TNA for a ride up the slippery pole, and with TNA’s silence he is making the entire world believe something good is going to happen to the Tamils. He is making the opposition weak by giving positions to SLFP stooges. Sri Lanka is setting a new global record of having the biggest cabinet! This liar is not even able to release those innocent Tamil prisoners languishing for years without charges against them. Just a lip service while the TNA is closing its eyes. The economy and infrastructure development are on a downward spiral.

  5. Who the hell she think she is to say what is said by her in the UN. being the President of the Country for 10 years from 1994, what did she do?
    other than getting drunk as the shadows lengthen in the evening and in her drunken stupor haunting anyone she would come across in the hallways of the President’s house when the night fell.
    this shameless woman hypnotised Sirisena and act as his puppet master to enter the halls of the UN to address it onbehalf of Sri lanka.
    What she said is not Sri lanka stand but the stand of of her club consisting of Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Mongol samaraweera and the likes.

    A damn disgraceful & a shameless woman.

  6. “Military means are not sufficient to end the conflict”….
    So,madam why did you order to bomb a school in Nagar Kovil and killed innocent students?
    So,madam why did you order to bomb the church in Navaly?

  7. “Creative programmes had been instituted to change attitudes. …….. United Nations agencies, bilateral partnerships were being developed to support these programmes,” she added.

    Wattie Amma video woman, is worse than kussi amma `weeping widow` the dynasty builders that high jacked the common candidate , sacrificed the lives of Vijay, Lucky Kadir, –
    she’s perpetually in denial is diabolically yours.

    Only Moneyed Modi can wipe the tears off the suffering. Polburuvas you are losers.
    Shamed game of sinha le and marak carrach chele- 90%.

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