US envoy in Sri Lanka backs rights of LGBT community

image001The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap has extended support to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in Sri Lanka.

The US Embassy in Colombo today said that Keshap met Rosanna Flamer-Caldera from EQUAL GROUND Sri Lanka and stood against any forms of discrimination.

Meanwhile UK’s Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Barker, Vice Chair of Parliament’s APPG on Global LGBT Rights, said that LGBT rights activists in Sri Lanka are facing death threats.

Equal Ground, a non-profit organisation seeking human and political rights for the LGBT community of Sri Lanka has successfully organised LGBTIQ Colombo PRIDE events for over a decade.

Baroness Barker said that a politically motivated group known as “The Island Nation of Sinhale” (Lion’s Blood), notorious for spewing radical ideologies intended to sow hatred and incite discrimination, hostility and even violence against minorities has targeted Colombo PRIDE 2016 on Facebook.

“As a Liberal Democrat peer, I am asking the FCO to challenge the Sri Lankan government to protect its LGBTIQ citizens, to allow them to meet peacefully in a safe space free from discrimination and prejudice. I also challenge the government of Sri Lanka to take appropriate action against this vile and violent group,” Baroness Barker said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Tinpotjihadi

    These are not just the rights that’s you have mentioned. There are people suffering because there are no fundamental rights for a marginalized but significant group of people. Like me. We are marginalized because we have inherently been attracted to a sex, or perhaps conformed to a different gender identities not bordered within sociocultural norms of this country. That is also bolstered by antiquated colonial legislations which need be desperately crossed out of the Constitution.

    You need to understand that the fact that a plea for equality is not a threat to the hetero normative culture. Equality for a marginalized group such as us is not going to dent this heralded culture in Sri Lanka. A plea for equality will make the suppressed individuals feel more accepted. It won’t affect your life. Have a little faith about this.

    As a general note we need to steer clear of the hatred and bigotry that pervades this country. Let’s face it, we, compared to the more forward countries in the world are still dilettanes in terms of progressive human rights.


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