Opposition raises concerns with diplomats on Mahinda’s security

MahindaThe joint opposition has raised concerns with the diplomatic community based in Colombo over the security of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Former Foreign Minister G.L Peiris said that the concerns were raised after the Government withdrew the army security provided to Rajapaksa.

He said the joint opposition urged the diplomats¬†to brief the Foreign Ministries in their respective countries on the threat to Rajapaksa’s life following the withdrawal of the army security.

Peiris, who was the Foreign Minister when Mahinda Rajapaksa was the President, also said that some countries had responded positively to the concerns raised.

He said the army security had been withdrawn and replaced with police security just when an LTTE suicide jacket was found in the North and some former LTTE cadres were arrested by the police.

The former Foreign Minister said that the Government must take into consideration the fact that Rajapaksa defeated the LTTE and that he is not just another former President.

Peiris also questioned the decision taken by the Government to withdraw Rajapaksa’s army security at this time when the new Government has been in office since January last year.¬†(Colombo Gazette)


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