Tamils in UK urged to back Constitutional reforms process

image001Tamils in London have been urged to support the Constitutional reforms process currently underway in Sri Lanka.

Parliamentarian and a member of the Sub-Committee in the Constitutional Assembly, Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne, said that it will be impossible and unrealistic to expect all aspirations and demands of everyone to be met when the new Constitution is drafted.

“There have to be compromises,” he said.

Wickramaratne was speaking at a forum organised by the Non Resident Tamils of Sri Lanka (NRTSL) in London.

‘We have to recognise that the process of constitution reform currently taking place in Sri Lanka may not result in the ‘best constitution for Sri Lanka’, but we have to aim it to be the ‘best constitution for Sri Lanka in the context of the current realities and circumstances’,’ NRTSL  quoted Dr. Wickramaratne as saying in a media release.

Dr Wickramaratne was in London on the special invitation of the NTRSL and during his three day stay he met with British parliamentarians and the officials of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The meeting with Tamil groups in London was chaired by NRTSL Chairman Visvalingam Sivalingam. In his speech at the Dr. Wickramaratne went through the details of the process that is taking place in Sri Lanka and the progress made so far.

The meeting was attended on invitation by the members of a cross section of Tamil organisations and leaders in the UK.

The Chairman of the UK branch of Tamil National Alliance, K Ratnasingam, speaking at the discussion said that the Constitution should be drafted with the support of the TNA and should include full devolution. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. ‘The Constitution should be drafted with the support of the TNA and should include full devolution’

    Keep dreaming as you have been dreaming for Eelam. If RW does anything silly, MR will comeback and put it right.

    Since I have been in Jaffna my views have been changed. Therefore, anyone who comments on behalf of Tamils must live in Jaffna for six months or stay out of Tamils’ issues.

    • If Antany Peter is a responsible person or given responsibility to draw a new constitution, What do all Sri Lankans expect from the Constitution. People called expatriates lived in Jaffna and all other parts of Sri Lanka, and is the product of your contributions to Constitution and the treatment you gave and is giving to Tamils. If you keep vociferous and keep on duping the Tamils, it is you and your Country who will be responsible to push down the Country further into mud. So you push down the Country foolishly without any understanding except being anti Tamil and refuse to learn anything about devolution or Federalism, we can understand it as the same thing how the politicians feed you to get easy votes making you feel good if you can kill the goose that lays the golden egg, you will get it all. Learn your basics please before you decide to write something like this. At least look at similar Countries how they overcome this kind of situations making all happy.

  2. Can anyone define the words FULL DEVOLUTION . What is full devolution? What type of form is it? What type of devolution the Mr.Ratnasingam and the TNA stands for?
    Of course the Northern Provincial council has submitted a report asking for a Federal form of government under a united Sri Lanka. It is in response to the voices of the Tamil population in the North and East.
    Mr.Wickremaratne spoke in the way of give and take and compromises policy in drafting the constitution. It is an absurdity on the part of Mr.Wickremaratne to utter those words. Why is the government drafting a new constitution, if that is the case. This is what D.S Senanayake and other Sinhala leaders did for the last 70 years. They took and gave nothing to the Tamils.

  3. Tamils in the NPC needs police powers and powers to control over the land in the NPC. Law and order is of paramount importance.


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