Families of the missing stage protest outside UN office

UN ColomboFamilies of those missing during and after Sri Lanka’s civil conflict staged a protest outside the UN office in the capital on Tuesday urging authorities to halt the controversial “white van” abductions, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The protesters, who handed over a petition to the UN, alleged that at least three people had been abducted in the country in white vans by unknown groups within the recent weeks.

The protesters said that they were extremely concerned that the white van abduction culture had allegedly returned and called on lawmakers and international agencies to probe the incidents.

“We are happy about the governments efforts towards reconciliation. But the resurgence of the white van culture will be a hindrance to the reconciliation efforts,” D. Gunewardena, an Attorney at Law, who took part in the protest said.

The protesters also handed over a petition to the European Commission in Colombo, the Prime Ministers office and the Foreign Ministry, calling on the government to conduct an immediate investigation into all the incidents and take legal action against those found to be responsible.


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