Rahul Gandhi accused of backing 2009 war in Sri Lanka

rahul_gandhiIndia’s Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been accused of backing the 2009 war in Sri Lanka.

The Hindu newspaper reported that Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (TPDK) and Tamilar Viduiyal Katchi cadres staged a black flag protest condemning Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. They also tore a Congress party flag and tried to set it on fire near the Thiruvalluvar Bus Stand.

“We have not forgotten the support extended by the Congress-led Government at the Centre to the Sri Lankan Government by supplying arms, providing training and even advice for the Sri Lankan Tamil genocide in 2009,” State general secretary of TPDK Ku. Ramakrishnan said.

He added that the Congress Government also opposed the international probe sought into the war crimes in Sri Lanka, though many other countries supported it. “So we are protesting the visit of the Congress leader to Tamil Nadu,” he said. “Sadly, the political parties here have forgotten those incidents,” he added.

Ninety-one persons including 15 women, who took part in the protest, were removed. Tensed moments prevailed when some of them blocked a vehicle carrying Congress cadre to Rahul Gandhi’s campaign and tore their party flag. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Rahul Gandhi is a known bewakoof (booby) At a meeting, just about May 2009 he made a statement to the youth of Tamil Nadu who requested for justice-
    `I have not received justice for my fathers murder`
    shortly after that all hell broke lose on nandikadal.
    He is more muslim like his fathers heritage and thinks he is whiter than white. When his mum is a plaster boys child- a mussolini fascist.
    But Indians like to hide under a woman’s skirt like lankan fathers of freedom did.
    Fortunately the Indian forces are autonomous entity.
    It’s time Indians got rid of this craze for dynasty building.- that is the way forward to fight corruption and nepotism.

  2. Premadasa denied his involvement in the assassination of Rajiv- May 21, 1991
    Narasimha Rao and Sonia denied involvement in assassination of Premadasa.May 1, 1993,

    Premadasa got his degree from LSE because he got `Fits` after his fathers death.

    Rahul got his degree in a cubicle of American Embassy because he got Fits that LTTE attack him. while he was never in a problem at UP villages living a villagers life.
    Both his parents had no degree either.

    We common folk got to slog it out.- Idiots vote for any party.- It should be hire and fire technique not politicians governing countries.- top results.


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