Government to crackdown on foreign recruitment agency mafia

HarshaThe Government says it will crackdown on the foreign recruitment agency mafia in Sri Lanka.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Dr. Harsha de Silva told the BBC Sinhala service that he had discussed with the Saudi Arabian authorities, the issues faced by Sri Lankan maids.

The Deputy Foreign Minister said that during the discussion he called for a new system to address the issues faced by Sri Lankan maids working in Saudi Arabia.

He said that the Saudi Arabian authorities felt some foreign recruitment agencies were the cause for the issues faced by the maids.

Dr. Harsha de Silva said that both countries agreed that there were elements both in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia who are part of a mafia and that they need to be dealt with. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. India and Pakistan have banned maids to Medieval Middle East.
    Both understand MME better than the Sinha_Le boru sobana.
    Sex slavery and $1 billion from Saudi alone is the minister’s driving factor. Bored Arab wives turn the other way in that macho arab countries and has nothing to do with how respectable they are.

    Fight among selves and sell more to the harems- the next subic bay.

    This Southern Sinhale Buddhist is no different from any other Hegel Egghead. He knows bollocks about budget too- direct taxes and indirect taxes as present its 15% : 85% . the prices are going up on the street.


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