Sajin says he is being forced to remain silent over allegations

SajinFormer Parliamentarian Sajin de Vass Gunawardena says he is being forced to remain silent on some baseless allegations raised against him.

The former Foreign Ministry monitoring MP said that some media have published false reports on him and yet his hands are tied.

He says if there is an investigation on the said allegations and if the police has filed a report in court then it is fair for the media to report on the matter.

However he says the police has not filed a new complaint on him and yet the public are being misled through false reports.

Sajin de Vass Gunawardena feels there is an organised campaign launched against him by individuals with vested interests.

He said he is ready to face any investigation and, if found guilty, be imprisoned but he cant understand why he is being falsely accused. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This fraudster is now trying to become a saint.No one will forget how this thug while been drunk mercilessly assaulted Dr.Chris Nonis former Sri Lanka Ambassador to London.Now he says he did not do that as well.Every body who witnessed the assault , including Prasad Kariyawasam, the former Rajapaksa hatchet man, who is now Ambassador in USA , are denying it.What on earth has Sri Lanka come to?

  2. Everything said about you by the media and your shady dealings are well known to the General Public. You have to suffer the consequences . If the President or anybody else has any other idea public will never approve as you were one behind all the shady dealings of the Rajapakses

  3. I wonder what his parents think of your wealth. His father is a very respected govt official during Premadasa era.

  4. Hey crook… talk to your heart and listen to what it has to say honestly. It will definitely say that you are an impeccable liar and a mega fraudster and a cunning man who wants to show to the public that you are a victim of someone else’s wrongful accusation.

  5. Readers must have forgotten the following – worthy of a reminder: He has the
    right to deny them, under the present Regime!
    Story of SAJIN VASS GUNEWARDENA 20-10-14 Comments in Colombo
    Telegraph:. 1. Sajin’s palatial house down Horton place Colombo 7 is located in the private road right opposite the Laksman Kadirgamr Institute of International Relations.It bears assement no.19/2.Just a look at the palatial house reveals it’s luxury.An unauthorized guard house at the top of the lane blocks free movement of cars on that road.The dozen or so of back up vehicles inconvenience the The baggage-boy and the King jointly have done well – even a future COI will not touch them. Culled from comments in CT reveals this wealth:-1. 7 helicopters and a company called Cosmos Avaiation + Offices – $500,000 x 7 = $5,000,000 2 Owns a luxury 15 roomed luxury mansion at Horton Place Colombo 7 (with large swimming pool,jacuzzi and elevator facility – $500,000 2. 100 roomed Luxury Ameythist Resort in Passikudah – $2,000,000 4. Owns a 79 room resort in Maldives – $1,000,000 5. Owns a fleet of Benz,Jaguar,and other luxury vehicles. – $2,000,000 6. 23 room mansion in Toorak, Melbourne, in the millionaires’ row. – $3,000,000 7. The block of 16 apartments in Pitt Street, Sydney City Centre. – $2,000,000 8. Part owner of the racehorse Black Caviar, (Australian Thoroughbred undefeated in 25 races) with the Emir of Kuwait. – $2,000,000 9. A vineyard (350 Ha) in Borossa Valley, South Australia – $3,000,000 Totals only 20 M USD!!
    neighbourhood but no one dare complain for sheer fear. 2.Sajin is always provided with an escort by armed Commandos who always follow this rouge in 2 government owned Land Rovers.In addition a black Land Rover with thugs dressed in white short sell even shirt and black pants also follow .So tax payers are paying to protect a thug !!! 3.Sajin also owns the massive building down down Dudley Senanayake Mawatha ( formerly Castle street) Colombo 8.this building is located in the lane next to the MINI Showrooms, the first private road to the left as one travels from the Horton Place / Kynsey Road traffic light junction.The building is is the second to the right on that private road.It now houses KOICA a Korean company that pays Sajin Rupees three million a month.Formerly this building housed Cosmos Aviation Services which operates Sajin’s fleet of 7 helicopters.What a tragedy , afellow who could not afford to pay1800 bucks on his Volvo car fiancé now travels in one of his own helicopters when he visits his luxury 100 roomed Ameythist Resort in Passikudah. Who will inquire and punish this thug who has made millions out of the deal setting up Mihinlanka alone.”
    Plus Comments by Tommy in CT on 27-11-14 “ Don’t forget to add Sajin’s fleet of luxury vehicles such as 3 Black Range Rovers costing Rs. 60 million each, a Mercedes Benz 400SEL worth 58 million bearing registration no.CAA 6019 and a full option Maroon colored Jaguar worth Rs. 54 million and a Long wheel base Land Rover Defender bearing registration No.KC 2283 worth Rs. 31 million. The Mercedes Benz 400 SEL and the Jaguar were made bullet proof at an additional cost of US$ 431,000 a piece at an exclusive company in London specializing in such work.This project was handled by Sajin’s sidekick Mohamed Zuraish Hashim ,the chain smoking wheeler dealing businessman living at 63, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 3. Then don’t forget the US $ 9 million that Sajin made as commission for signing agreements with 3 US based Public Relations firms.The man coordinating this was Majintha Joseph Parakrama Jayasinghe who works in the Protocol Section of Foreign Ministry, as Sajin’s bag carrier.Jayasinghe works almost exclusively for Sajin , at a small private office at the BMICH , Colombo 7, paid by the foreign ministry.Majintha secretly revealed details of the deal to Ratnatunge of the Sunday Times who he got to know why working for Lakshman Kadirgamar, and being Baggage Boy for his wife Sughandhi.Sughandhi and Ratnatunge are extremely close friends Then don’t forget to look at stashed millions of dollars in the Seychelles where Sajin was responsible for opening an Embassy although Sri Lanka has no interests to have one there.”

  6. Tell us how you amassed such wealth within a matter of few years after being only damn wharf clerk in Dubai, that also for a Sri lankan cargo company. Till then you are a thief and a cheap crook who robbed the country, and now place to hide your blooming face.

  7. This pimp of Rajapasse should be in jail, what are you doing MS and Ranil, I suppose whoever you vote for we get a thug or a thief and illiterate


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