Six, including five Indians arrested while transporting Kerala cannabis

boatNaval patrol craft deployed West of Silavathurai and Mullikulam area in the Northwestern Naval Command, arrested five Indians and seized a boat transporting approximately 120 kg of Kerala cannabis by sea last night, the Navy media unit said today.

A Sri Lankan racketeer who was involved in the smuggling operation was also arrested is the same area along with a fiber glass dinghy.

By the time the arrest was made, the Indian boat was heading towards Silavathurai and the Navy believes the consignment was brought from India.

The six persons along with the cannabis were handed over to the Kalpitiya Police for further investigations.

Sri Lanka Navy maintains continuous surveillance along the coastal belt in order to prevent drug smuggling via sea. Vigilant naval personnel have been able to apprehend a total of approx 420 kg of Kerala Cannabis in 13 occasions during cross border drug smuggling rackets with the key personnel involved during this year. (Colombo Gazette)


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