President wants hard won peace to be made into sustainable peace

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says the highest honour and tribute Sri Lanka can extend to the war heroes is to make the hard won peace into sustainable peace.

War Heroes Commemoration Month was ceremonially declared open with pinning of the first Ranaviru (War Hero) flag on President Maithripala Sirisena at a function held at the President’s Official Residence today.

The Government annually celebrates the War Heroes Commemoration Month to felicitate and commemorate the heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives, eyes and limbs for the freedom of the Motherland. In parallel to the commemoration ceremony Ranaviru flags will be sold across the country.

The Chairperson of the Ranaviru Seva Authority, Mrs Anoma Fonseka pinned the first Ranaviru (War Hero) Flag on the President.

The Provincial Governors presented the income received last year from selling the flags in each province to the President.

During the event, the President said that the highest honour and tribute we can extend to the war heroes is to make the hard won peace, into a sustainable peace.

“The present Government is committed to ensure the welfare of the war heroes’ families and to protect the privileges of security personnel,” he said.

Provincial Governors, Chief Secretaries, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Karunasena Hettiarachchi, Secretary of State Defence Ministry, A.P.P. Kithsiri and Chief of Defence Staff and Tri Forces’ Commanders participated in the event. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr President, you joined the countries who were waiting to destabilise SL development. You humiliated war heros and released brutal Tamil Terrorists. Do you thinks Sri Lankans will forgive you for what you did? They trusted you in the election, but they did not know your agreements with Tamil groups to get votes. You did not win any freedom so please do not claim for it.

  2. By killing over 100,000 innocent Tamil civilians and grabbing over 70,000 acres of private lands in the North and East. They should be treated as heroes. Why not?

  3. The defense forces done the good job to liberate the country, but MR gave the opportunity and support to do so by his courage and determination. This courage and determination can’t be found in any other Sinhalese or Tamil leaders.

    Many of you can’t stomach this reality, including Indians and the Westerners. Many things have been said about his character, but he was the President who liberated the country. For this reason he deserves a protection.

    MR will be targeted more than CBK or SF. Therefore, I urge the government to reinstate his full security. Stop playing with fire. If anything happens to MR, it will be a bloody disaster, the enemies will be looking forward to use fools to create a disaster in Sri Lanka.


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