TNA questions arrest of rehabilitated former LTTE cadres

SelvamThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today asked the Government to explain the reasons behind the arrest of some rehabilitated former LTTE cadres.

TNA Parliamentarian Selvam Adaikalanathan said that the arrest was spreading fear among the Tamils in the North and East.

Four former LTTE operatives were arrested recently on separate occasions on suspicion of trying to revive terrorism.

The Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) on Monday issued a receipt acknowledging the arrest of one Krishnapillai Kaileshan who allegedly operated as the LTTEs eastern Batticaloa district intelligence senior, reports said.

It was also said that three more intelligence seniors from the eastern districts of Ampara and Batticaloa and Jaffna in the north had also been arrested in recent days.

Northern Tamil media sources said that since March 29, some 23 former LTTE operatives had been arrested in the north and east. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The TNA members are babies, have no idea what is going on. My3 and Ranil should send some milk bottles to TNA babies.

  2. You headless fellows: Don’t you still understand that the war with the Tamils have not ended. The Sri Lankan government will go on arresting more people. You know why 150.000 armed personnel are stationed in the North. Yet Mr.Sambanthan and others are supporting the government. Why?

  3. I have a message for the TNA members. You have nothing in your head, therefore you will get nothing, it doesn’t matter whether you suck Indians or whites. The answer is zero, if you multiply anything by zero. Likewise, Tamils will get zero results, if they continue to multiply their votes to elect foolish leaders.


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