Heated exchange in Parliament turns violent, MP injured in clash

srilanka_parliament-8A heated exchange between the Government and joint opposition in Parliament turned violent today resulting in a Parliamentarian sustaining injuries.

The heated exchange took place when opposition Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena questioned Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on the decision to withdraw the army security given to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Gunawardena said that Rajapaksa defeated the LTTE and replacing the army security given to him with police security places his life at risk.

The Prime Minister then responded saying a decision was taken to provide police security to all VVIPs and that Rajapaksa can pick the police officers he wants in his security detail.

He also said that even former army commander Sarath Fonseka does not have army security despite leading the army during the final stages of the war.

Fonseka then spoke and made comments on some of the security officers who were assigned to Rajapaksa and this led to a heated exchange of words between the opposition and the Government.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya was then forced to suspend sittings as the situation turned violent during which UNP Parliamentarian Sandith Samarasinghe sustained injuries and was admitted to hospital.

Jayasuriya then postponed sittings till tomorrow.  (Colombo Gazette)


  1. A Company Chief Executive who looses his/her Job for mismanagement and corruption decides to return to the same Company as a minor employee, can he/she expect the same privileges and respect that he/she enjoyed as the Chief Executive?

    • Stupid example. You are comparing a CE of a company to a President? Have you seen the ex-presidents security of all the western countries? Most of them waged unwanted wars, MR defeated a terrorist threat INSIDE the country. So yes, he deserves security and respect. He saved thousands of lives that would’ve been lost to bombs and prolonged fighting. Be grateful that you can move around freely without the threat of terrorism, or the fact that you can travel fast in the highways built. Everyone complains, but cannot remember the fear and inconvenience of living in Sri Lanka before 2009. Took 4-5 hours to travel to Galle and Matara from Colombo. Now you can go in 1 and a half hours.

    • Namal – You have explained it in simple language of what MR, now an ordinary MP , wants, while the current President and PM enjoy less privileges than him. Security of the country
      is that matters and not that of the individuals. Govt. should seriously think of cutting down on
      unnecessary expenses as the country cannot afford.to spend on non essentials.

  2. Again shame on undisciplined MPs fighting against other MPs get him out MP dinesh gunawardana from the post of MP, remember MR stop the war but the soldiers should be given the credit coz those are the soldiers who fought the war not the MR.As for security for MR its reasonable to have police security and why he is so scared about his life he can walk freely that means he is guilty of killing innocent Tamils.

    • Because he is scared that means he is guilty of killing Tamil civillians? LOL what kind of backward logic is that? He destroyed the LTTE. Thats why he is fearful for his life. Just like how IS bombs countries that supports the war against IS like France and other countries that have been attacked by bombs from IS.

        • Oh okay. The Commander in Chief had nothing to do with it? The head of all three forces just sat and watched by while the leaders of the three forces did everything. Learn how the defence forces of a country works. The commander in cheif has a say in everything the army, navy or airforce does. So if he said no, they would have to listen to him. The LTTE was destroyed by all three forces, not just the army. And if Fonseka was the reason LTTE was destryed, how come he didnt destroy them under previous presidents? Why only under Mahinda Rajapakse? Please do explain.

  3. These uneducated bunch of thugs are going to make decisions about the future of Sri Lanka? IGP should arrest all these unlawful thugs who created this rowdy behaviour inside the supreme parliament.

  4. However clever the army was, they could not fight without the go-ahead order from the Prez. The war could have been won even during JR’s time but he bowed down to the demands of the West. So did Ranil and CBK while Premadasa got too cosy with LTTE in order to throw out the IPKF. There you have it. Only MR stood firm on fighting to a finish disregarding the pressure from the West. Give him that credit if you really wished for peace.

    • Yes and the Ambalngoda Lion could have done the job in 2002 if given the chance as other commanders thought military victory was not possible.
      MR was elected by the LTTE for money, he never believed in war victory like the commander, JHU, JVP and PNM. When the tide turned he rode the wave (not the Tsunami wave money he stole) and India stood firm with us.

  5. If Rajapakse is so scared for his life, he can use part of the ill gotten money to have a private army for himself.

  6. This is utterly shameful…are these the thugs and scoundrels who get a pension santhosam for 5 years vegetating in the parliament when teachers and other govt servants have to toil and sweat for at least 20 years to be qualified for a pension…who gave them this privilege? Too much food and other luxuries. These low-bred uneducated thugs should be chased away with a madu walige and not entertained anywhere near the legislature premises.

  7. One of the important qualifications to become a Parliamentarian is the ability to attack not necessarily physically. Next election we will vote for those who have trained in the art of self defence.


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