Brayan Perera tops championship charts

z_p23-brayan1Brayan Perera of Sri Lanka struck a double title and finished on top of the championship table in the introductory Formula Junior Racing Series, promoted by Meco Motor sports, at the Kari Motor Speedway circuit in Chettipalayam, in Coimbatore on Sunday.

Brayan had called the shots by winning three of the five races in the Formula LGB1300 category in the opening round at the same venue last month.

But, this time around, Ashwin Datta of Chennai had the Coimbatore circuit at his mercy.

The Chennai youngster beat the searing heat and the stiff competition to score a double as well but it was Brayan who earned a complete sponsorship ticket from Meco Racing for the forthcoming 19th JK Tyre national racing championship.

The other race of the day in the FLGB1300 was won by Alex Bora of Assam.

The results: Stock upto 300cc & 400cc open: Race 1: 1. Anthony Peter 11:03.852; 2. A. Mohamed Arif; 3. Jai Kiran.

Stock upto 165cc (novice): Race 1: 1. Anish D. Shetty 11:09.944; 2. R.L. Yashas; 3. Anthony Peter.

Race 2: 1. Anthony Peter 13:56.204; 2. Anish D. Shetty; 3. R.L. Yashas.

Stock upto 165cc ladies: Race 1: M. Aishwarya 9:22.003; 2. Guest Rider; 3. Gopika Dharamshi.

Race 2: M. Aishwarya 9:20.191; 2. Guest Rider; 3. Gopika.

FLGB1300: Race 1: Brayan Perera 12:46.417; 2. Alex Bora; 3. Ashwin Datta. Race 2: 1. Ashwin Datta 13:02.959s; 2. Arya Singh; 3. Kevin Perera.

Race 3: 1. Alex Bora 16:48.928; 2. Ashwin Datta; 3. Sneha Sharma. Race 4: 1. Ashwin Datta 17:18.692; 2. Brayan Perera; 3. Alex Bora.

Race 5: 1. Brayan Perera 16:43.458; 2. Ashwin Datta; 3. Rupesh Sivakumar.

Championship standings FJRS Round 2: 1. Ashwin Datta 42 pts; 2. Brayan Perera 33; 3. Alex Bora 26.

Championship standings FJRS: 1. Brayan Perera 72 pts; 2. Ashwin Datta 68; 3. Alex Bora 53. (Courtesy The Hindu)


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