SC issues notice on Wigneswaran over NPC resolution for N-E

WigneswaranThe Supreme Court (SC) has issued notice on Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran over the resolution adopted by the Northern Provincial Council recently calling for a federal solution for the North and East.

The SC issued the notice based on a petition filed in court against Wigneswaran and three others.

Wigneswaran has been ordered to appear in court on May 12 to respond to the concerns raised in the petition. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is the way to go – now the Legal aspects can be brought out. It is very
    necessary to know what the people demand against the uncontested views
    of Sinhala politicians, to solve the tamil-problem once and for all. Hitherto it
    is used only as a Vote-gaining point by either side.

  2. The notice to appear in SC, issued to Mr. Wigneswaran CM,NPC on the resolution he got it
    passed at NPC, is in fact a blessing in disguise. Apart from some irregularities in wording , if any , the resolution as a whole is acceptable in a court of law, as demand for federalism is within the rights of the people and this concept is accepted all over the world. If the judge rules it acceptable, then it could become a law of the land, if the govt. accepts the verdict without prejudice. The people ,mainly the majority people will come to know the legal aspects
    of Federalism and where they stand. if SL becomes a Federal state.Suggest TV coverage is given to this case so that the people have direct access to the court proceedings. and learn
    for themselves as to what federalism means and how it works because it will not come from
    the mouths of politicians.


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