Court bars joint opposition from holding rally at Shalika grounds

gavelThe Colombo Additional Magistrate today issued an interim order preventing the joint opposition from holding its May Day rally at Shalika grounds in Narahempita.

The Magistrate issued the order following a complaint filed by the police raising concerns the rally will create a tense situation.

The joint opposition however said it will hold the rally outside the grounds. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Recently we have notice that Sri Lankan system of courts and justice of law has been more in favour of the UNP back political oriented verdicts has been delivers by several courts by sitting judges .

    The very UNP has undermined and they aim at to be dismantle system of courts by misusing ‘equality before the law’ of land. The Judges may be more UNP favours decision given in late night or Friday nights ,which other parties cannot do any thing weekends in court houses.

    Judges are on full vacation in weekend for working and busy in that studying on ” impartiality” rule of law promised by UNP-Ranil W… MS and CBK.

    Times has change ‘rule of law’ has noting do with in our soil in deeds, the democracy is word an obvious lie.It is manifestly shameless thing on the part UNP counter-revolutionaries words of ” fair and justice” for everybody.

    Now the day times courts are not functioning properly, but late in the evening and weekends give some verdicts in favour of ruling parties that violated basic rights of freedom of assembling, freedom of speech by oppositions parties .

    This issue not the confined or related to opposition parties only that violated principle law of democracy by rule civilian order, it has own mission ( court of law) has to protected values of democracy and our political order of very foundation of prevailing democracy.

    UNP leadership of JRJ and their stooges did not understand this simple facts at all since 1977 to 1994 how they dismantle rule of law that time.

    Under current leadership Ranil W…. is repeating same political errors from 2015 January 9th. MS is political ignorant he not educated enough to understand democracy and law of justice by himself.

    The Poor man of MS want remain in power as long as his life time, by hook or crook. He (MS + CBK)is NOT bother about of Democracy at all.
    This political terns will leads to lawless land and the confidence of rule of law will disappear gradually be totally lost in near future. This what UNP JRJ regime did in past Ranil.W;;;; want do it now.

    This will cause of tragedy of rule of law in Sri lanka; this type of errors it cannot rectified by short period of time is not possible.

    We are for Democracy whole interest of people’s democracy not for the any individual interest or self-fish interest of party politics UNP, JVP, TNA or MC or LTTE of anti-democratic establishments, who want undermined rule of Justice of Island .


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