Government says no talks with India on sea bridge

Pamban_Rail_BridgeThe Government says it has not held any discussions with India over constructing a sea bridge and tunnel connecting the two countries.

Government spokesperson Rajitha Senaratne said there had been no talks held between the two countries over the connectivity bridge, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Formally and informally, no talks have been held. We have not entered into any talks with India on this subject,” he said.

India’s Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari earlier this month said Sri Lanka was interested in building a bridge connecting the two countries and discussions have been held on the issue.

Even the Asian Development Bank had made a recommendation regarding the project, Gadkari said.

“The project is under consideration, it is under discussion. But nothing has been finalised,” he was quoted by the media as saying.

The proposed bridge will link a 22-km stretch between Talaimannar in Sri Lanka’s north and Dhanushkodi, in India’s south and will cost $5.19 billion. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why did Indian power centre led by BJP and RAW selected choose proposed that New Bridge between Sri lanka and India?

    Well ,it is known fact to be understood that new domination by Indian and split Sri Lankan ‘s sovereignty created crisis merely confirmed a critical feature of post -War against forced, us to be the rise of sub-state of republic of India.

    1 UNP leadership of Ranil W… MS and CBK REGIME HAS BEEN misdiagnosed the key issue of Territorial Integrity and Independence our an Island, which albeit FAILED STATE by building new bridge without majority of Sri Lankan nation.

    2 Sri Lankan people challenge by three separate entities and thus exhibits different level of governances: independent or more power devolution Tamils North-East for autonomy region of defector Federal state .
    Chaotic Eastern province new Muslim region by Indian blessing .
    The build extremely weak and powerless central government to continues to be combat sustainability development and democracy in whole Island by helping “good governance” UNP -Ranil W… MS and CBK that created puppet regime in Colombo.

    The Indian Ocean is vast. That only Indian’s control shipping lane a distress call the Sri lankn state by building New proposed bridge between two countries.

    Indian authorities immediately got between our lands of two countries, within 22 miles limit that marked the entrance into Sri lanak land and water, which is over rule national sovereignty by Indian hegemonies big political power.

    If bridge build is back to 22 miles ,they (Indian ) legally liable to capture and influence Sri lank state. The Indian control direct lucrative trade route that without our any consultations of people of Sri lanakn by Indian RAW.

    The very puppet regime does not matter what ever cost of life that people of Sri lanak has to pay in coming years by misruled of UNP regime run by Ranil W… MS and CBK!


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