UK says military has a crucial role to play in Sri Lanka

UK Non-resident Defence Advisor for Sri Lanka Captain Stuart Borland RN ...The British Government says the military has a crucial role to play in Sri Lanka’s commitment to addressing long-standing issues of reconciliation, accountability and human rights.

The UK High Commission in Colombo said that the UK is supporting the Sri Lankan Government in these efforts to build a peaceful, prosperous and united future.

The British Government last year announced the appointed a non-resident Defence Advisor for Sri Lanka following a meeting between Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and UK Prime Minister David Cameron at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta.

The newly appointed non-resident Defence Advisor for Sri Lanka, Captain Stuart Borland RN, visited Sri Lanka last week, the High Commission said today.

At the invitation of the Sri Lanka Navy, he and Deputy High Commissioner Laura Davies toured the Naval and Maritime Academy (NMA) in Trincomalee.  Captain Borland also laid a wreath at the Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in Trincomalee.

In Colombo, Captain Borland accompanied the High Commissioner to Sri Lanka James Dauris, to meetings with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Captain Borland also accompanied a delegation from the UK Ministry of Defence, led by Deputy Head of International Policy and Plans (Military) Patricia Parkin, to meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Defence, civil society and the diplomatic community.  Discussions focused on opportunities for defence engagement activities in areas of mutual interest and concern.

Captain Borland said: “ I very much look forward to working with all three Services of the Armed Forces through defence engagement activities designed to support the Sri Lankan Government’s commitments to reconciliation, accountability and human rights.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Don’t trust them but act as you do. They ruled the Subcontinent for centuries and screwed it to make sure that the Subcontinent won’t challenge them.

  2. Don’t trust the dividers, but act as you do. They ruled the Subcontinent for centuries and screwed it to make sure that the Subcontinent won’t challenge them. The Subcontinent has enough brain power. However, the West had ruled the Subcontinent for 443 years and screwed it, so all the talented South Asians move to the West.

    The Subcontinent has almost 2 billion people, including largest democratic country in the world by population. Yet none of them raised their voices when the Australian government deleted my citizenship due to my writings about the struggles of Australian aboriginal people.

    None of them said a word when the Canadian government put me in a prison under false accusation when I exposed the First Nations’ hardships.

    None of them never felt sorry for their fellow South Asian when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka due to my writings.

    It shows the dominant power of the West in the Subcontinent. The Subcontinent is the White man’s playground.

    Germany was bombed and destroyed by the Five Eyes twice, but Germany stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral, because I exposed the Five Eyes’ double standards. This is call evolution, even Nazis know the power of unity. They know that they have to stick together to undermine the billions of Asians.

    But South Asians are divided by their White masters. They have no chance to beat the West or China. In fact, if the West undermines China, it will be ten times easier for the West to undermine the Subcontinent. Therefore, China’s success is paramount for Asia’s success.

  3. why this sudden intrest in Srilanka by David Cameron,When is the date for the US navy base in Trincomalee.Hope our Country is not sold by our leaders to be tuned into another Libia or Kosovo.


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