Two UN human rights experts here this week on key visit

Juan MéndezUnited Nations human rights experts Mónica Pinto and Juan E Méndez will carry out a visit to Sri Lanka from 29 April to 7 May 2016 to assess recent developments and identify challenges related to the use of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and to the independence of the justice system.

“We are encouraged by the recent steps taken by the Government to advance respect for human rights, including their support to Human Rights Council resolution 30/1 on ‘promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka’,” said the UN Special Rapporteurs on the independence of judges and lawyers, and on torture.

“We look forward to engaging with the authorities and key actors on the challenges faced by the country to ensure the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession, due process and fair trial guarantees, and access to justice, and to eradicate torture and other ill-treatment, while promoting accountability and fulfilling victims’ right to reparations,” they said.

“Sri Lanka is at a crucial moment in its history and we hope that our recommendations will contribute to setting out a path for the future that will be fully aligned with the international human rights obligations of the country,” the Special Rapporteurs added.

The human rights experts, who visit the country at the invitation of the government, will meet with governmental authorities, members of the judiciary and prosecution services, lawyers, civil society, the National Human Rights Commission, and victims and their families.

In addition to visiting Colombo, they will spend several days in the different provinces of the country, including the Northern, North Central, Eastern, Central and Southern. Accessing places where persons are detained will also be a key component of the visit.

The two Special Rapporteurs will share their preliminary observations and recommendations at a press conference to be held on Saturday 7 May 2016.

The Special Rapporteurs will each present a comprehensive report containing their findings and recommendations to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in March 2017 and June 2017, respectively. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why aren’t they visiting Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya? They will find plenty of human rights issues in those countries than in Sri Lanka. How about visiting Julian Assange in the UK? He is stuck inside the Ecuador Embassy, because he exposed the West’s war crimes in Afghanistan. How about visiting Edward Snowden in Russia? He is too scared to return to the US, because he has exposed the US’ spying methods and targets. Let’s see how long the West is going to fool others by fake morality.

    • Antany!! why aren’t you moving to Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. I tell you why you like all hypocrites don’t like to let go the trappings & easy life and Ball-Room dancing in the Western countries.
      You would be considered with tiny drop of of credibility if you moved to A country like Zimbabwe. Surely you must suffer every day living in Wellington New Zealand under the white man thumb.

      • Your comment has nothing to with the article. You can’t deny the West’s war crimes in the Middle East, or the West’s human rights abuses on Assange, Manning or Snowden. Therefore, attacking the messenger. Trust me, Asians are catching up with your fake morality faster than your prediction. In other words your fall is coming quicker. The truth is you never thought I would commit my life to expose you. You kept me unemployed, you kept me isolated, and you stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral, but nothing will stop me. I will continue to remove your mask and expose your evil face to the world, because I was born for this particular job.

      • Stop your lies, I only done ball room dancing in Australia well before I start to expose your double standards. I have clearly mentioned my hardships in my website, including in New Zealand

        I faced a lot of hardships in New Zealand even though NZ is a small country among Five Eyes. Prime Minister John Key is a Jew. We all know that Jews always try to please the West harder, because they need the West to secure their country in the Middle East.

        You have to lie and undermine others’ credibility to rule the world, but Asians are catching up with you, especially the dragon. You won’t be successful in fooling Asians as you fooled Arabs and Africans.

        I believe that you could be an Indian who works for the Western intelligence. I may have met you in a car auction in Wellington, NZ, or you could be a Westerner from Australia or New Zealand who tries hard to undermine my credibility to occupy moral high ground , or you could be a Sri Lankan Who works closely with the UNP and current foreign Minister. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Indian, Westerner or Lankan, your ideology is the same. I agree to disagree with your ideology.

  2. The UN special repurtuers should investigate human rites excesses from the very beginning of the times they were committed by the governments starting with the first JVP insurrection in Sri Lanka n from the time Christopher Columbus set foot on America!


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