Ruling party brats brawl at hotel over birthday girl

assaultA ruling legislator was assaulted during a birthday party of a daughter of another party stalwart at Colombo’s Cinnamon Grand hotel over the weekend with all brats ending up at the nearby police station, the Economy Next website reported.

Police sources said UNP MP Kavinda Jayawardana was set upon by the son of another UNP politician Kithsiri Kahatapitiya at the party of another UNP politician Upali Piyasoma’s daughter.

The de luxe party at the Sequel, a “champagne bar” which the hotel says has the “elegance of a night club” was turned into a rowdy brawl when punches were thrown and furniture smashed in the melee.

“The party was at the Sequel but the sequel to the party was at the Kollupitiya police,” a party goer said adding that the recently re-branded Sri Lanka Police (earlier known as police department) did a good job of bringing about reconciliation among warring political brats .

The battle over the birthday girl left a thumping bill to replace broken glass, crockery and missing cutlery. Police summoned both parties and is said to have settled the matter amicably with no charges pressed by either side.

However, it is understood that the hotel is insisting on charges for “breakages” and additional clean up, including a laundry bill for the soiled table cloths. (Colombo Gazette)


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