Defence Ministry insists no travel restrictions on foreigners

omanthai-checkpoint-860-03The Defence Ministry today insisted that there is no travel restriction on foreigners visiting the North and East.

The Defence Ministry statement said that certain websites have attempted to mislead the public and the international fora by misinterpreting a news article published in the official website of the Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka ( on 30th October 2014 under the headline “Foreign Passport holders traveling to the North”.

According to the Defence Ministry the official website of the Defence Ministry was subjected to a technical upgrade recently and all old news publications have been reappearing under a new modified date 03-03-2016. as the technical change was carried out on that date. Certain web sites have taken advantage of this technical glitch and have published news posts stating that the registration for Foreign Passport holders traveling to the North was back in force and thereby have attempted to mislead the public.

“The decision to lift the travel restrictions imposed on foreign passport holders to the North
due to the security situations then (2014) was taken after considering the prevailing security situation
at the first Security Council Meeting of the New Government held under the patronage of His
Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena on 16th January 2015,” the Defence Ministry said.

It said that the present Government has assured that any foreign passport holder travelling to Sri Lanka will have unhindered access to the North or any part of the country without any restrictions or prior
registrations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Defence ministry must go even further. This may be racist but it is normally practiced in most Western countries to safeguard their boarders and their welfare state.
    We must allow our private sector companies like the banks, finance companies and even private pension funds to build homes in the form of condominiums with all facilities for citizens of the Western countries to come and settle in the island and even allow them to do business that employ our people.
    This way it will brighten our cultures, work ethics and generate wealth for the country.There should be no stupid restrictions and they should be allowed to buy their own property on freehold basis that will give them long term security which is fair as they allow us to do the same in their own countries.
    Few of them could run our national airline that would make it profitable once again.
    We also could set up care homes for the old people in the western countries where the high standards that is required in a place like that could be made by their own native management who must be given the right to live and work in the island. Local governments in these countries could be persuaded to fund these scheme.
    There are so many possibilities that could be allowed to boost the economy but the ambuda clad politicians only thought of themselves and stole the country’s money instead.


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