Sri Lanka does not support calls for the US to arrest Gotabaya

gotabhaya-rajapakseThe Sri Lankan Government dos not support calls for the United States to arrest former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse.

Minister of Public Enterprises Development Kabir Hashim said that any allegations raised against a Sri Lankan citizen over a domestic issue must be dealt with only under local laws.

“We will not allow a domestic issue to be dealt with internationally owing to outside pressure, he said.

In an appeal to US President Barack Obama last week, two major Tamil groups in the United States, the ‘Tamils for Obama’ and ‘American Tamil Forum’ have urged the United States to arrest Rajapakse who was reported visiting the US at the time.

“Gotabaya Rajapakse is one of the main architect – along with the former President and the current President – who were responsible for the large scale killing of Tamils and rape of Tamil women. According to United Nations internal review report around 70,000 Tamils were killed in six months during the early part of 2009 and the abuses committed by the Sri Lankan forces amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some international legal experts believe that there are elements of these abuses that could amount to Genocide,” the two organisations said.

The Tamil groups said that the US should not miss the opportunity to arrest and prosecute one of the main war criminals in recent times visiting the US adding that failure to do so would encourage others to commit abuses amounting to war crimes.

The UN Human Rights Council, led by the US, last year passed a Sri Lanka resolution to hold a credible investigation to punish those responsible for these killings.

“United States should take the same leadership it took at the UN to initiate investigation for the visiting Sri Lankan war criminal,” said these two organizations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Wolves, in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as human rights activists, having committed heinous crimes against the Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamil opponents of the Tigers, are now trying to instruct the US President to take orders from this bunch of frustrated liars, to arrest one of the great Sri Lankan leaders, who helped to defeat Tiger terrorists and rescue over 300,000 Tamil civilian hostages, who were herded around like cattle by these Tiger terrorists. Will Obama too go down in bended knees to these liars, who have amassed ill-gotten wealth to influence politicians, journalists and whoever matters, just like they seem to have done to the shameless British Labour party leader Corbyn?

  2. Should be arrested and give him the highest honour for only man to eradicate terrorism in the world.

  3. Antany I’m not least bit concerned I have faith in you and your mega case against whole Rajapaksa clan in ICJ in Haig. If one cant relay on the record of one of sort after worlds foremost intellectual Antany Peter who suffered more than MLK junior or Gandhi ( your own words ) who brought West to their knees (your own words) oh! what fate awaits Rajapaksas.
    Lets remember your disdain and hatred for Sinhalese which is well documented now asking the Sinhalese moda leaders as you identify for help surprise or shall I be bemused. Your anger now seems to me directed at your own kind Tamils. Is it because they run a mile to avoid you. Who is next as a committed self proclaimed Christine will they be your next target.
    Never mind you got your Ball Room dancing with the white chicks to drown your sorrows.

    • Len you are fooling yourself. You think that you are a king in dividing and conquering others. Unfortunately, Tamils fell for your deception, but Sinhalese won’t. Tamils even became suicide bombers by listening to you. How hard for them to stay away from me to please you? We all know what Adele Balasingham did. Tamils want to nail the Rajapaksas, but nothing to Adele Balasingham. This shows a lot about Tamils’ ideology and justice system. You know my email address and my name. How hard for you to comment under my name? It’s easy for you to comment under my name when online media does not require to confirm my identity with my facebook or email account. I am well aware you wrote derogatory comments under my name to undermine my credibility, but smart people know that you had proved to the world that Iraq had WMD to invade the country to control oil. Therefore undermine individuals like me is very easy for you. You also sent derogatory emails using my email account, including pornographic photos and videos to my family members, relatives and also to my church leaders. You are more than a devil, you kill millions to rule others. What you had done to me is nothing for you. But I knew I will be able to give you back with interest, if I precisely and patiently keep pushing. I am well aware you are doing far more evil than Edward Snowden or Julian Assange have revealed, but in due time the world will know the whole truth.

  4. Close the curtains , darken the room , and most of all don’t stop taking the pills . With a bit of luck you may be something like a normal rational being in the morning.

    • Antany Peter is self grandiose charlatan and hypocrite he has been going on about Sinhalese for a while, his hatred for Sinhalese has intensified by 10 folds since his last hero VP’s demise. He is been shun by his own Tamil community in New Zealand. He play the card of been victimized by the West and Sinhalese & the country that has given him a safe home New Zealand. He compare him self to one of the worlds top intellectuals only couple of years back he praised the Indians and attacked the Chinese now he has gone the other ways. He is careful not to attack New Zealand that he calls one of the evil five eyes in locale papers. He talk a big game but never front up for the game. By the way he got multiple identities specially to praise his own comments.

  5. US is overstretching her business into other countries. Shouldn’t have double standards where they seem to justify their war crimes in other countries. For instance the bombed innocent paddy farmers in Vietnam and Laos .These farmers had nothing to do with US.
    Then what about the Me lai massacre by Lt Kelly. Why was he released.US must look after their own problems with their powerful gun lobby and their utterly inhuman penal system where people are incarcerated for over a century which is childish, cruel and absurd. Countries should be accountable for the war crimes but US can’t take the moral high ground.
    President Obama can’t move forward with his mandate for he was elected because of the absurd situation he faces with the two elected houses. USA must have a third party without unhealthy connections with the corporations and arms industries.

  6. Tamils for Obama, American Tamil Forum, TGTE, GTF, BTF, ATC, CTC leaders talk a lot about democracy and human rights, but they hardly value democracy or human rights. Where were those puppets when the LTTE was assassinating political leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist group? Tamil foolish puppets are disgraceful for 21st century humanity. Last forty years Tamils have avoided smart Tamils and gone backwards. Changing their useless ideology is like straightening dog’s tail. Tamils are cursed race, otherwise Tamils wouldn’t have ended up in this sad status when they are five times in population in the world than Sinhalese. Sri Lankan Tamils are the most dangerous people. They are the least when it comes to valuing democracy, human rights or unity. They just live to please Indians and the Westerners. Tamil leaders don’t think for themselves or for their own people that is why Tamils have nothing after thirty years of brutal war.

    Therefore, I urged the Sinhalese leaders and the other Asian leaders to watch diaspora and TNA leaders’ moves carefully, because, they have the ability to destroy Sri Lanka and Asia.

    Tamils are for foreign leaders, but not for their own intellectuals.

    Tamils for Obama and American Tamil Forum leaders can you please tell me why none of my articles or comments are published in the diaspora’s media?

    Can you please tell me why none of you raise your voices when the Australian government deleted my citizenship due to my writings about the struggles of Australian aboriginal people?

    Can you please tell me why you never said a word when the Canadian government put me in a prison under false accusation when I exposed the First Nations’ hardships?

    Can you please tell me why you never felt sorry for your fellow Tamil when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka due to my writings?

    Germany was bombed and destroyed by the Five Eyes twice but Germany stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral because I exposed the Five Eyes’ double standards. This is call evolution, even Nazis know the power of unity. They know that they have to stick together to undermine the billions of Asians.

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