Government insists will not allow country to be divided

RuwanThe Government insists it will not allow the country to be divided or National security to be placed in jeopardy.

State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena said that while the Government and politicians in the North may discuss devolution of power, it will not be done at the expense of harming the unity of the country.

The Northern Provincial Council had last week called for a separate State for Tamil speaking people.

Wijewardena however said the Government will take all measures to protect the unity of Sri Lanka as it takes forward the reconciliation process.

He also insisted that the Government is not looking at arresting soldiers over false claims as alleged by the opposition.

The State Minister also denied claims that Sri Lanka’s intelligence service was facing issues or was under pressure from the Government.

He said that Sri Lanka was working with several countries, including Malaysia, to share intelligence information. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear minister, Donkeys like you unfortunately betrayed the freedom of the country and surrendered to Tamil Diaspora by making deals to divide the country. Now shut up your donkey mouth and do something to anyone who breaches the oaths they performed when become MPs.

  2. Dear minister
    You are the person who is harming the country by your racial attitude. If federalism is dividing the country, as you say, then you are a stupid person not fit to be a minister. What the Tamils are asking for is a federal government in a united Sri Lanka. The federal form is not only for the North and East but for other regions as well. By your utterances, you are infusing the Tamils to go for separation.


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