Nine people arrested attempting to go by boat to Australia

2Nine people were arrested while attempting to go by boat to Australia today, the Navy media unit said.

The Navy said that personnel onboard the Fast Attack Craft P 475, arrested nine Sri Lankans who attempted to travel to Australia this morning in the seas 30 NMs west of Negambo.

Among those arrested were five men, a woman, 2 boys and a girl. The Navy said the migrants had left from the Negombo harbour onboard a multi-day fishing vessel named “Rishna Duwa”.

The Navy arrested them on a tip off received by intelligence personnel and they were brought to the Colombo harbour and handed over to the Maritime Division of the Police Criminal Investigations Division (CID). (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When common sense fails, the law must guide the people. Arrest them and put them in jail for years to teach a good lesson. Airport authorities also must keep an eye on Tamils. The West wants to continue to occupy the moral high ground, Tamils will continue to help the West at the expense of their motherland and Asia. We can’t allow this to happen forever.

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