Lanka to look beyond present context to create future it wants

PereraThe Government says Sri Lanka is at a crucial juncture and the country must now choose to look outwards and beyond the present context to create the future it wants.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs, together with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research, Sarvodaya, LIRNEasia, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and the Summit Partner, Ceylon Biscuits Limited launched the National Summit on Foresight and Innovation for Sustainable Human Development this afternoon at the UN Compound, Colombo.

The Summit, the first of its kind to be held in Sri Lanka, is expected to start a national dialogue on the importance of foresight and innovation as a value addition to traditional development planning to achieve sustainable human development and the 2030 development agenda. The two day Summit will take place on the 24th and 25th of May at Waters Edge, Battaramulla.

Speaking at the event, UNDP Country Director, Joern Soerensen stated, “Foresight is an exemplary tool to help propel development, vision alternative futures and build resilient policies in Sri Lanka.” Speaking further, Soerensen noted “As the development arm of the United Nations, we are extremely proud to be able to connect a diverse set of resource people internationally, and convene all key players of the development sector in Sri Lanka.”

The Summit will be graced by Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe and will connect many international resource people including those from the UN Pulse Lab – Jakarta, the UNDP Centre for Public Service Excellence – Singapore, Mind Lab – Denmark, GIZ –Germany, Superflux – UK, UNDP Kolba Lab – Armenia, UNDP MiLab – Moldova to name a few.

Foresight and Innovation are rapidly becoming tools that governments and other non-traditional partners for development are incorporating into their work. Through these methodologies, they seek to create coherent policy frameworks that will effectively utilize limited resources. Therefore understanding emerging trends and opportunities whilst successfully evading inevitable challenges is key. The Summit, will thus contribute to enhancing development practices and policies that are visionary, and those that will achieve national goals and visions for 2030.

Addressing the gathering, the State Minister for National Policies and Economic Affairs, Niroshan Perera stated “Sri Lanka is at a crucial juncture; we must now choose to look outwards and beyond the present context to create the future we want. Through this Summit we will develop and learn about foresight tools from a national planning and policy point of view, which will prove pivotal over the next 15 years as national and international contexts grow more complex and challenging.” Speaking further, Minister Perera also acknowledged UNDP’s role, “We are quite pleased and thankful to UNDP for taking the lead and working closely with the Ministry to convene all relevant stakeholders for this important Summit”.

The Summit will introduce several foresight tools by looking at nationally relevant environmental, social and economic themes. Together with the private sector, a key component of the audience, the Summit will aim at producing a set of recommendations that will be implemented collectively following the event. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The leaders must understand their capabilities and tell the truth to the people. I have been to more than 25 countries,
    but Sri Lanka has the highest number of public holidays and has the lowest GDP rate. On top of that the home ministry has given one more public holiday last week. The Sri Lankan Airlines is going backwards and looking for others to rescue. It is very clear, the leaders don’t have the ability to manage their tasks.

    People like us can’t get a decent position to help the country, because we hold foreign citizenship. The politicians think that they are truthful and honest to the country, because they have only Sri Lankan citizenship. It is laughable, isn’t it? Can you mention one Sri Lankan politician who has suffered as me to expose the West? They West brought me to street, even stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral. You don’t know what is like being in that situation unless you go through it.

    Most of you don’t have a desire to develop knowledge, because it is a hard work. But easier for you to join with foreign powers for money and status. The enemy makes sure that you won’t have access to knowledge by joining with smart people like us, otherwise the enemy can’t use you to achieve its ulterior motives. If the West can prove that Iraq had WMD, it is so easy to create stories to destroy my integrity and capabilities. I really appreciate Colombo Gazette for publishing my comments to enlighten people. The Tamil main stream media never helped me to enlighten Tamils, Sinhalese or the world.

    I have a business degree, on top of that I spent 10,000 hours reading more than 300 books about world history, religions, languages, human development, communism, world economy and international politics. I also lived in four continents and visited more than 25 countries. Can you mention one politician who has similar knowledge and experience? In fact none of the South Asian leaders mentioned about my knowledge, struggles or hardships. The South Asian media never wrote an article about how skillfully I have been exposing the West to undermine their power in order to take Asia forward..

    Without reading the history, if you analyze the South Asian countries’ and China’s policies for the last fifty years, you would say that South Asia never fought against the West for its independence, perhaps China fought against the West. We never learned from the past history, otherwise diaspora leaders would not have trusted the West and conducted the brutal war for three decades. Current good governance leaders are they any better than diaspora leaders? I let you to answer.

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