Sampanthan claims he urged LTTE leader to enter politics

Sampanthan-60000-1Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R Sampanthan says he urged LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran to enter politics.

Sampanthan told a gathering in Kilonochchi that he had several meetings and discussions with Prabakaran before the war ended in 2009 and had urged him to convert his fighting skills to politics.

He said that the LTTE leader, who was killed in 2009, had in the year 2000 claimed that the then Government agreed to peace talks since the LTTE was a powerful military force.

Sampanthan said he agreed with the views of the LTTE leader and urged his to use that same force in politics. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. TNA leader’s statement may be correct, but he should asked LTTE Tamil Terrorist to give up idea of Tamil Eealm?.

    Did you asked Mr Sampadan from ruthless leader of Pabarakaran to gun control politics has be dropped ? I do not think so.

    In that time LTTE was in the height of power by gun control politics you and Tamil political class was behind them. Why is that ,you all Tamil petty bourgeoisies was thinking armed struggle is only form struggle to win political power separate state for Tamil by support of USA & UK and Indian -RAW.

    TNA of Tamil political class is still not engaged with national democratic politics and as the political party ,your are playing lip-services to democracy and sovereignty of our country.

    TNA must come with secular democracy proposals , hence that accepting and recognized unitary character of Sri Lankan state, not that so-called power devolution forced by 1987 Indo-Sri lanka accord by 13 amended for partition Island One for the Tamil state and Other for Non Tamils in Island of Lanka.

    People of this country had been sacrifice millions of life to build their civilization more than 2600 to protected their Real Home land .No way for you have to gain myth of Tamil Eealm by Western agenda of partition of our land between racial basis of Tamil ethnicity.

    Power devolution by deliberation and Conesus between national forces is accepted, but not with Indian gun rule democracy like IPKF or foreign USA installed puppet regime in part of Tamil Eealm major part of Island by gun rule democracy not accepts .
    Ethnic base Tamil rough state in North-East will bring upset whole balance of power, that Indian Ocean will be pave way Tamil Empire will be partition and divide of People of India after 1947.

  2. “Sampanthan claims he urged LTTE leader to enter politics.” If you believe this you would believe anything.

    Tamil Nadu has two major political parties, and Sinhalese also have two major political parties, but the TNA is making sure that Tamils won’t have a decent opposition. The TNA knows how to keep their own people in dark as the LTTE.

  3. Mr Sampanthan, Can you please tell me why none of my articles or comments are published in the diaspora’s media or in Uthayan newspaper?

    Can you please tell me why none of you raise your voices when the Australian government deleted my citizenship due to my writings about the struggles of Australian aboriginal people?

    Can you please tell me why you never said a word when the Canadian government put me in a prison under false accusation when I exposed the First Nations’ hardships?

    Can you please tell me why you never felt sorry for your fellow Tamil when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka due to my writings?

    Germany was bombed and destroyed by the Five Eyes twice but Germany stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral because I exposed the Five Eyes’ double standards. This is call evolution, even Nazis know the power of unity. They know that they have to stick together to undermine the billions of Asians.

    Mr Sampanthan, you talk a lot about democracy and human rights but you hardly value democracy or human rights. You talk about minority rights but we all know what you had done to Tamils who live in tea estates, and Muslims who lived in the North. You are the most dangerous people. You are the least when it comes to valuing democracy, human rights, unity or intellectuals. Therefore, I urged the Sinhalese leaders and the other Asian leaders to watch your moves carefully, because, you have the ability to destroy Sri Lanka and Asia.

  4. If it is true then Mr Sampadantry and other TNAs must co-operate with SL govt. and not cry for federal system and what not that may devide SL.

  5. it was his pride and the feeling of invincibility (delusions of grandeur) that accelerated his demise.
    the world is a better place for that barbarian biting the bullet. thank the heavens that the terrorist scumbag is dead and gone.
    and to think that this sampanthan advised a terrorist when sampanthan knew damn well knew that he was a butcher of even his own people, and he pleaded with him to enter politics.
    how can anyone trust the traitor sampanthan?


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