UK PM looks forward to working with the Sri Lankan Government

David CameronBritish Prime Minister David Cameron says he looks forward to working with the Sri Lankan Government.

In a message to mark the traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year, David Cameron said that this is an incredibly important time when millions of people will be coming together with families, friends and neighbours to celebrate their new year.

“But it is also a time to remember that Britain’s Tamil and Sinhalese communities are huge success stories and doing great things for our nation. I see this contribution every day. I see how Tamil and Sinhalese businessmen and women are boosting the economy by creating jobs and opportunities. I see how you contribute to our public services – as teachers in our schools, doctors in our hospitals. I see what you do in building strong communities. You play an immensely positive role,” he added.

The British Prime Minister said that when he met with President Maithripala Sirisena in Malta last year, he announced a significant increase in UK support for reconciliation and human rights, recognising the considerable progress Sri Lanka has made and helping to ensure that President Sirisena can advance the important reform work he has already begun.

David Cameron said he looks forward to working with the Sri Lankan Government and he hopes that this new year will bring communities closer together in helping to heal the wounds of the past. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. UK PM looks forward to working with the Sri Lankan Government…

    They start to understand that their fake morality is not working. Therefore, they can’t demand anymore, but want to work together. It is a sure sign that the East is getting upper hand.

  2. Some politicians in Western Countries are being paid large amounts of money by Tamil Diaspora for attacking Sri Lanka in global forums. David Cameron lied many times to the world, saying SL forces killed over forty thousand people knowingly all these Tamils are still living in UK, Canada and Australia using fake names. Nobody will believe comments from such a dishonest person and it is the time to stop supporting terrorist organisations.


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