Swiss authorities received 146 asylum applications from Sri Lanka

1037990899Swiss authorities received 146 asylum applications from Sri Lanka last month, reported.

Overall the number of asylum applications filed with the Swiss Government in the first quarter of 2016 dropped by 45 percent comparing to the last quarter of 2015, the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration said in a statement Thursday.

The Swiss authorities received 8,315 asylum seekers’ requests in the first three months of 2016, according to the migration department.

The overall number of applications continues to decline as 1,992 asylum applications were filed in March, 25 percent less than in February.

The majority of the March asylum applications, 227, came from those, who fled Eritrea, Afghanistan nationals followed with 166 requests. The Swiss authorities also received 146 applications from asylum seekers from Sri Lanka, 143 requests from Gambians, 143 from Iraqis and 141 from Syrians.

The department stressed that despite the significant decrease in the quantity of requests, the migration issue was unpredictable and the situation might change at any time. (Colombo Gazette)


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