Indian fishermen want Katchatheevu back from Sri Lanka

KatchatheevuIndian fishermen have demanded that Katchatheevu be taken back from Sri Lanka to end the clashes between Indian fishermen and the Sri Lankan Navy.

The ‘Meenavar Urimai Koottamaippu,’ an organisation to protect the rights of fishermen, appealed to the Indian Government to take immediate steps to retrieve the boats of Tamil Nadu fishermen detained in Sri Lanka and felt that the only way to stop “atrocities” of Sri Lankan Navy would be to retrieve Katchatheevu, The Hindu newspaper reported.

The organisation also demanded reservation of seats for fishermen to contest in Lok Sabha, Assembly and local body elections.

In the ‘Fishermen Declaration’ released at a meeting in Rameswaram, the federation called upon political parties to nominate fishermen as candidates in areas where the fishing community was in majority.

The declaration said that over 20 lakh fishermen, belonging to 22 caste groups, were earning their livelihood in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu.

Though they were also the guardians of marine wealth, exploitation of the coast for commercial activities and tourism development made them feel alienated.

All coastal areas encroached for commercial activities should be returned to fishermen.

Recalling the assurance of the Bharatiya Janata Party in its 2014 election manifesto, the meeting appealed to the Centre to create an exclusive Ministry for Fishermen Welfare under the charge of a Cabinet Minister.

It also wanted the State government to rename the Department of Fisheries as Department of Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare.

It called for a nationwide ban on use of purse seine (banned net), twin trawling, pair trawling and bull trawling, practices that endangered marine wealth. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. They are not interested in Katchaitivu. Their interest is marine resources in our territorialt waters.

    What happens if a fish either from Sri Lankan or Indian Side crosses to the other side. Is it the same if a human being cross over to the other side.

  2. We can’t have everything we want. It is high time that India learns that. By the way have you opened up new training camps for the guerrilla groups so that you could destabilize Sri Lanka again.

  3. Srilanka Govt should have taken steps long ago to stop these Indian fisherman poaching in Srilankan waters. What as our Govt done so far, wasting Money by catching then and bringing them to custody and releasing them. Same time these fisherman in numbers come and confront the navy and some pass thru with Kerala Ganja, Gold, Money etc..There was no Ganja in Jaffna only after the war ended it as come in. The fisherman’s of India are responsible . Now the Jaffna youths are getting involved into this and getting arrested.
    SL govt should put a stop to these right away or else another insurgency could pop up..India likes to destabilize SL now because of Chines influence creeping into Srilanka. …Now in Jaffna shops owned by Indians are opened up….How come they open so easily?

  4. How can you protect the rights of them by violating the laws of another country and dishonouring the agreement handing over Katchateevu to Sri Lanka signed between the government of India and Sri Lanka. More over, it is the Tamil Nadu fishermen who have destroyed the bio-diversity of the ocean by their destructive methods to satisfy more, the unchecked appetite of the Tamil Nadu fish export companies which has destroyed their own fishing grounds and now want to destroy ours.

  5. Educate yourselves to stick within your borders. The Indian Subcontinent has two billion people. Why the Indian Subcontinent needs this much population? What is the point? The South Asian leaders must think differently. Otherwise we will continue to be merely just the majority in numbers; this won’t help us to dominate Asia or the world. Australasia is close to Asia, but the Westerners are ruling it, even Asia is still dominating by the West. This has to change. We must desire for knowledge to work together, instead of increasing the population, keep fighting and keeping the Westerners on top.

    Can the Asians maintain peace in Asia, if the US withdraws its defense forces from Japan and South Korea? This is a very serious question, the Asian leaders must think and move forward to answer it. The Great Britain’s population was only five million when the British ruled the world. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the knowledgeable people from the Roman Empire moved to Great Britain and helped the British to conquer the world. Those people were desired for knowledge so they could rule the world. We have billions of people in Asia, still desire to have more children, but not for knowledge. This has to change, we must desire for knowledge.


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