Couples now banned from sitting together at Negombo bus stand

NegomboCouples have now been banned from sitting together at the Negombo bus stand by security officers.

A video sent to the Colombo Gazette shows female security officers at the bus stand telling couples they cnnot spend more than five minutes seated at the bus terminal.

The individual who recorded the video told the Colombo Gazette on the condition of anonymity that the security officers had told the couples the bus stand is not the place for couples to spend time together.

Couples seated together at the bus stand were told they must get onto any bus in five minutes no matter what bus is available.

“They were rather rude to my girlfriend and me. So I asked the female security officer not to forget a recent incident in Colombo where couples protested against not being allowed to sit together. But the female security officer simply dismissed what I said,” he said.

Recently Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe instructed the Culture Ministry to cancel the contract with a Government owned security company from which two security guards had harassed a couple at Independence Square.

This was after a silent protest was staged at Independence Square against the two security officers after they told the couple to leave the premises.

A video circulating widely on social media showed the security guards telling the couple at Independence Square they have been asked to chase couples away unless accompanied by children. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I think that security woman is a frustrated one. Got no man so it makes her very angry when she sees a couple. By the way any man who goes out with her would be made a pancake.

  2. Why are they hating couples? These narrow minded security women must go. I have not seen any civilized country doing this. Sri Lanka is not under Taliban rule. Let all protest at the bus stand against these tribal laws.

  3. i would tell the security guard to go screw themselves beat the crap out if they dared to touch me in self defence of cource.
    must make a visit to negombo soon to try this.
    watch out negombo. the enforcer is coming to a bus stand near you.

  4. There must be a Poofter in the Govt who is sexually impotent so his inability to perform is taken out as frustration on others. As long as no sexual misconduct is done any couple can sit down anywhere. That is normal and basic human rights.

    Please bring back Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabaya Rajapakse because they were not poofters. We made a mistake in the last elections and we will not make that mistake again. This government has made a mess of everything including basic rights of people. Somebody in this govt is very frustrated sexually but thats not the fault of couples.

  5. What is happening in Sri Lanka? Are these people nuts? We want a society that is ‘loving and caring’, not frowning and abusing each other! All those officials giving these orders should get down from their high horses and let the people ‘live’! Interfere only if they are misbehaving sexually! Holding hands or sitting closely with your significant other is not a crime!

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