More opposition members set to join the Government

gayantha-karunathilaka2More opposition members are set to join the Government, Parliament was told today.

Media Minister Gayantha Karunatillake told Parliament some opposition members have expressed interest to join the Government.

He said that at present there are 47 cabinet Ministers, 20 State Ministers and 25 Deputy Ministers in the Government.

Yesterday two opposition members extended support to the Government and were made Deputy and State Ministers.

The Minister insisted that all appointments have been made in line with the Constitution of the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. srilanka population is 21 million. but ministers and deputy and state ministers are white elephant srilanka government, there no development, economic education, government servant salaries are very poor.SLFP UNP joined not improve in judicial admiration and civil, the fight between mr Rajapaska regime and mr srisena president group for powers, crime and heroine powder is the easy way to make money and some Buddhist monks are want power through communal

  2. Who gave these characters to appoint ministers as they please. They should keep in mind it is not their grand mothers wealth that their dishing out to these. Today the Yasa Palanaya parasites are asking for more money to live their lavish dreams. To give these parasites what they ask for we the people of this country have to pay higher taxes on their daily needs. We pay high taxes for our bread, rice, medicine and every other thing in the world to pay these ministers, some who have not passed the eighth standard, over half a million rupees a month. If they do not have a conscience for bleeding the poor people who voted them to power they can only be labelled as parasites, traitors and bas…..

  3. Already 92 Ministers in parliament and Yahapalana criminals violating the election promise before two years in power. All news papers and other media sites doing a great job by exposing corruption of these ‘ministers’

  4. It is not surprising, after all Government showed the carrot, perks and freebies proposed for parliamentarians and other additions waiting to happen. Therefore, why not join the government and enjoy life to the best as can.


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