Bangladesh investigators to visit Lanka this week to probe bank fund heist

13_Bangladesh+Bank_CID_17032016_0001Bangladesh investigators are expected to visit Sri Lanka this week to probe a major Bangladesh Bank fund heist.

Three Bangladesh CID officials involved in the investigation into the case will also leave for the Philippines this week, reported.

An official of the Interpol’s Bangladesh wing, the National Central Bureau, and two officials of the rank of special police superintendent and assistant police superintendent are expected to visit Sri Lanka.

Deputy Inspector General of CID Saiful Alam is among the three officials who will visit the Philippines.

He told that they would leave for the Philippines on Tuesday night. Special Superintendent of Police Abdullah Hel Baki and Additional Police Superintendent Raihanul Islam will accompany him.

They will be staying there for at least 10 days. Bringing back the stolen money is the main purpose of their visit, the DIG said. They will also exchange information with the investigating authorities there.

Asked whether they will interrogate those who have been identified in the Philippines as being involved in the heist, the DIG said they were being tried under the law of that country.

“Our future course of action will depend on the situation,” he added.

A two-member team of Bangladesh Bank has also gone to the Philippines.

On whether they would work in tandem, the DIG Saiful Alam said, “If need be, we will work together.”

On the proposed visit of officials to Sri Lanka, NCB’s Assistant Inspector General of Police Rafiqul Islam Gani said, “There is a plan to visit Sri Lanka. But the date of the visit has not yet been finalised.”

But, a source disclosed that the three-strong team would leave for Sri Lanka either on Tuesday or Wednesday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is mentioned in news the fraud as the work of hackers. My analysis from news paper.reports is that it is a a cleverly designed internal Fraud originating from Bangladesh Central Bank. The Bank Accounts in Philipines and in Sri Lanka have been opened according to a Design. One or more employees working in one bank or more banks joining together can commit easily a fraud in a Commercial Bank or Central Bank. But the Money has to go out. It has to go through a Bank Account. That’s why globally Banks adopt prudent procedures in opening Accounts. Some banks in the name of business promotion deviate in following the prudent Guidelines or do not care about rules. In Sri Lanka Know Your Customer (KYC) form is a mandatory. Then Money Laundering guidelines of the Central Bank have to be complied. I cannot imagine what would have happened if the spelling for Foundation has not been erroneously typed as Fundation.

  2. I am trying to work how much is 20M US $. It is a small amount equivalent to Rs.290 Million. I doubt whether Large NGO’s like YMCA’s Transparency International, CPA, World Vision will receive such an amount on a single payment. Most payments are received on stages, on showing proof of completion of the stage of the project.


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